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More than Grinding

More SuperHard devotes to develop and produce advanced diamond & CBN grinding wheels to provide you a complete grinding solution. With the advanced bond systems (Vitrifified bond, Resin bond, Metal bond, Hybrid bond and electroplated), our products cover all grinding types, flat grinding, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, centerless grinding, profifile grinding, peripheral grinding, etc… Fit manual grinder and also CNC grinding center. The high quality diamond and cbn tools which are widely used in Petroleum & Geology Industry, Auto & Aviation Processing Industry, Cutting Tool Processing Industry, and Natural Diamond & Jewelry Processing Industry and etc.

Why Choose More SuperHard

We have more 15 years' manufacturing experience and the strict production control and management system. Our grinding wheels are rigorously tested from raw material to finished product.
1. Complete polishing and grinding solutions against multiple industries and various materials  
2. Personal tailor of recipe, bonding agent and diamond concentration. Customized wheels formula to achieve perfect grinding
3. Respond in 8 hours at latest to all over the world ; Products Delivery in 15 days at shorest from China
4. 100% Money Back Guarantee after 3 times wheels' change
5. We are engaged in quality control and outstanding service. Our objective is to produce steady and high quality diamond & CBN tools which benefit China’s manufacturing industry
more diamond wheels
more diamond wheels
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