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1μm/3μm fine-grained grinding wheel customer feedback

Author:Cin Time:2021-07-28 14:25:50

With the development of PCD tools, the requirements for precision and surface roughness of processed workpieces are getting higher and higher, and higher standards have been put forward for the quality of the cutting edges of PCD tools. Therefore, PCD tool manufacturers also demand fine-grained knife grinding wheels. It is becoming more and more prosperous. It used to rely heavily on imports and was expensive. In order to solve the pain points of customers, More Super Hard has devoted half a year of research and development based on the quality of exports for many years, and successfully developed a domestic ceramic bond diamond knife grinding wheel with a particle size of only 1μm. At present, it has been put into production and supplied to the market in batches, and has received many good feedbacks from customers.

diamond and cbn wheels


The advantages of “533””053” vitrified diamond grinding wheels:
1. The multi-pore structure makes the passivated diamond easier to fall off, reduces the grinding resistance, prevents the generation of vertical stripes on the workpiece and improves the surface processing quality
2. Perfect dimensional tolerance control, applicable to CNC and manual tool grinders
3. Good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency, high wear resistance, low abrasive consumption
4. The use of ceramic bond can make PCD/CBN tools achieve a good surface finish and avoid cutting edge chipping, thereby reducing the scrap rate and improving the grinding accuracy of PCD/CBN tools
5. The service life of the vitrified bond grinding wheel is several times that of the resin bond grinding wheel and can easily achieve online dressing

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