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About the usage of diamond belt

Author:moao Time:2021-07-30 16:17:56


Binding agent

There are two main combinations of diamond belts, one is electroplated bond diamond belt with monolayer diamond abrasive and very high sharpness, abrasive control force is better.

Another one is resin bond diamond belt, multi-layer diamond abrasive, with good self-sharpening, abrasive holding force is relatively weak, similar to a flexible grinding wheel.


Coating patterns

There are many kinds of coating patterns in electroplated diamond belt, what is common on the market is circular dot shape, other designs vary from different suppliers, the design of the pattern will affect the sharpness, softness and grinding effect of the belt.


The coating pattern of resin diamond belt mainly considers that the application of diamond belt will have different design, the main difference lies in the thickness of abrasive layer. A thicker abrasive layer will be more durable, but the belt will be less flexible and the risk of abrasive particle breakage will increase


Dry or wet grinding options

Electroplated diamond belt: Due to the good thermal conductivity of the metal bond, the grinding heat will be quickly transferred to the matrix. If the heavy load of grinding without proper cooling, it will easily cause the strip peeling or fracture. Wet grinding is generally recommended.

Resin diamond belt: Resin bond thermal conductivity is poor, the overall heat resistance will be better. More suitable for the use of dry grinding, also can be wet and dry gridning.


Service effect and life

The cutting edge of the electroplated diamond abrasive belt is very high and it is very suitable for applications requiring high efficiency and large margin grinding, especially in the surface treatment of the workpiece with sharp burr, the scratch resistance of nickel is more outstanding. The passivation of abrasive particles will occur under low grinding pressure, greatly reduce the cutting efficiency, in grinding iron or nickel base material is more serious, it can not be sharpened.

The sharpness of resin diamond abrasive belt is general, but the uniformity of grinding is better and the roughness of grinding is also lower. It will be passivated under low grinding pressure, but can be sharpened. +86-371-8654-5906 +86 17324838957 Zhongyuan Rd, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, China


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