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Analysis of the advantages of electroplating bond grinding wheel

Author:Cassie Time:2021-07-29 10:23:13

 Analysis of the advantages of electroplating bond grinding wheel


1.       High Hardness

Electroplated grinding wheels usually use electroplated nickel or nickel-cobalt alloy as binder. Itself has high hardness and high strength, coupled with compact structure and strong binding force, so that the overall hardness of the working layer is significantly higher than that of bronze and resin binder.


2.       Lowest Porosity

The porosity of ordinary sintered grinding wheel often reaches 10-20%. Although the resin binder and bronze binder are relatively close, it is also commonly used with a porosity of several percent. The porosity of electroplating products is almost zero, it is the most compact among all the abrasives tools.


3.       Strongest Binding Force

The binder layer is the most tightly inlay even the most full contact in the electroplating grinding wheel, so the most solid consolidation and the largest holding force. It is because of the strong binding force that the electroplating products are allowed to use high concentration without causing the abrasive to fall off prematurely. This characteristic is incomparable to the powder forming technology.


4.       Highest Concentration

In Powder forming technology grinding wheel, the work the concentration of abrasive layer is in commonly 50% ~ 150%, abrasive volume accounts for approximately 10% ~ 30% accordingly, if the abrasive concentration is too high, abrasive for package with rickety in use early fall off, and the concentration of abrasive superhard materials electroplating products is very high, generally at about 200%, abrasive volume accounted for 50%, can be even higher even more than 65%, if take some measures, such as in the diamond in proportion to add some just can decrease the concentration of abrasive particles.



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