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Brazing diamond tools technology

Author:More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd Time:2021-08-04 16:43:02

Diamond tools can be obtained by sintering, electroplating, laser welding, etc. Brazing diamond tool has the following characteristics: The quality of diamond is high, cutting and grinding efficiency is very high. Diamond was brazing solder tightly on the substrate, not a mechanical package but a chemical combination, so the diamond is not easy to fall off during working. But because most diamond brazed products are single layer (there are multiple layers, it is understood that is not too mature), although it is very sharp and cutting efficiency is high, but iservice life is shorter than sintering. In addition brazing diamond must be carried out at high temperatures, there is a certain damage to the diamond, it is important that the substrate will be deformed at high temperatures, especially for thin saw blades (it is understood that the brazing thin blade can be 0.3 OD 100) , so it can not completely replace the diamond plating products. Besides, brazing diamond tool production equipment investment and production cost are very high, so brazing diamond tools will only occupy part of the diamond tool market, but it can be said that brazing diamond tools will have a very good market in the future, especially in some special-shaped diamond tools, such tools generally have very large profits.
Diamond vacuum brazing: first, the vacuum melting point of the solder under the vacuum environment is 50℃ to 80℃ lower than atmospheric pressure,it can reduce the heat damage of diamond, infiltration to solder and wettability to diamond and matrix are better than other environment. The vacuum degree generally about 2X10-2Pa has been basically meet the requirements of high-grade brazing diamond tools. For some solder in low vacuum (about 2Pa) can also make good brazing diamond tools, butit need to use more than 16KG diamonds. Vacuum furnace must have a observation hole on the furnace door, so that to see the furnace inside situation, such as solder melting, climbing and so on.
For Brazing Different Diamond Tools Have Different Brazing Process, Such As;
* Thin steel plate tools, from room temperature to 400℃ using slow heating, the purpose is to let the flux completely volatile. From 400℃ to 680℃ using fast warming to improve work efficiency, about 680℃ will be the melting point of solder, then adopts medium temperature heating to buffer the temperature difference in the furnace. From solder melting point to solder melting point +50℃ using slow heating to give all the brazed workpiece to provide a uniform temperature field, and thermal insulation 5-15 minutes to stop heating and start cooling, according to the situation can also be directly cooling.
* For thick matrix tools, the final holding time should be about 20-35 minutes. Using slow heating, the maximum temperature is the solder melting point +30℃, holding time for about 5 minutes, after discharge if the amount of deformation is too big then put them into the furnace again, still string together clamping. Using medium temperature heating to about 600℃, holding time of about 10 minutes. Some saw blade can also be flat on press machine.
* For brazing too thin saw blade, it need to use low melting point solder, and do some special tooling, a pressure vacuum brazing furnace is a very good choice. High temperature brazing for metal workpiece is also annealing treatment in vacuum, for the carbon steel matrix damage is serious, but with the furnace slow cooling can be reduced the residual stress caused by diamond, metal matrix and solder thermal expansion coefficient difference after welding. Single chamber vacuum brazing furnace production efficiency is low, especially unfavorable for the high vacuum brazing, so three chamber vacuum brazing furnace is the ideal choice. Three chamber vacuum brazing furnace has a preheating chamber can be heated to about 500℃, flux and other harmful material are basically volatile and exhausted. And then into the brazing room, after the completion of brazing into the cooling room to quickly cool, which is good for the matrix, high production efficiency, good product quality, low production cost. It just the equipment investment is too large for one time.
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