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Common grinding wheel dresser

Author:moao Time:2021-08-04 15:18:58

Common grinding wheel dresser
Classification of grinding wheel dresser
1.Single point dresser
2.The multi-point dresser
3.Angle column dresser
4.Block dresser
5.Diamond rotary dresser roller
Single point dresser
A single point dresser is formed by placing a diamond rough or shaped diamond on the tip of a metal handle.




grinding wheel dresser

Standard single point dresser

A single diamond is set on the tip

grinding wheel dresser

Axe dresser

The diamond is grinded into wedges and then mounted on the handle, the angle of the tip is usually 55-70°, which is used for shaping and grinding.

grinding wheel dresser

Point dresser

The diamond is grinded into a cone shape and then mounted on the handle. The cone Angle ranges from 30 ° to 120°. It is used for internal circular grinding or molding grinding.

grinding wheel dresser

Conical single point dresser

The diamond is grinded into a four-angle cone and then mounted on the handle, used for trimming of sharp end surfaces.

The multi-point dresser
Multipoint Array Dresser
●The trimmer consists of fine diamond particles arranged in the correct direction. The number of diamonds exposed depends on the number of diamonds per layer.
●Single - point diamond dresser wear too fast, using multi - point can be improved.
●The feed is faster than the single point.
Multipoint array dresser
Blade Dresser
Blade dresser
● Many diamonds are set at a fixed distance on a flat, plate-like handle, suitable for shaping and trimming.
Combined Dresser

Combined dresser

It is sintered together with many fine diamonds and a soft metal powder and fixed to the handle.

It has many diamond tips as cutting edges, so it can maintain a stable finishing state.

Combined dresser

It is made of hard metal powder mixed with broken diamond.

Diamond size and density can be adjusted to change the sharpness or wear resistance, suitable for relatively large particle grinding wheel.

Angle Column Dresser
●Dresser made of one or more angular columnar single crystal diamonds arranged into a metal handle
●The part of the tip will not change with wear and tear, and the machining accuracy and surface precision can be obtained stably
●It has good effect on the ceramic grinding wheel with severe wear of the dresser
●Using multiple diamond Angle column arrangement made of dresser, contact area more comprehensive
Angle Column Dresser
Block Dresser
Dresser of the same shape as the workpiece. The drilling particles are embedded into the surface by electroforming.
Diamond rotary dresser roller
● Dresser of the same shape as the workpiece, with diamond particles buried in the outer ring. The grinding wheel rotates with the dressing.
●  There are two kinds of diamond roller in dressing direction: the contact point shall prevail; the diamond roller shall be cut down in the same direction as the rotation of the grinding wheel; and the diamond roller shall be cut up in the opposite direction as the rotation of the grinding wheel.
● The forward cutting is rougher than the reverse upper cutting, but the grinding resistance is smaller.
● When diamond roller is used for dressing, the grinding wheel will take on the shape of the roller. Therefore, the roller needs to have very high shape accuracy.
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