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Comparative Study on the application of Vitrified CBN Wheel and Corundum Wheel in engine manufacturing

Author:moao Time:2021-07-30 15:37:33


Vitrified CBN grinding wheel has the advantages of good thermal stability, good wear resistance, not easy and elements of iron group produces chemical reaction, suitable for processing hard and toughness of steel, the auto industry is the main vitrified CBN grinding wheel's application domain, especially as the key parts of engine camshaft and crankshaft processing aspect, the camshaft and crankshaft machining quality directly affects the dynamic performance of the engine; But because of the large machining allowance and grinding hard, has a high requirement on the grinding precision and machining difficulty is bigger, the performance of the common corundum abrasive grinding wheel is very difficult to adapt to the requirement of high efficiency machining, durability and service life of the ordinary corundum is low, frequent repair or replacement, corundum grinding waste caused by the larger, largely on the environment caused by the pollution; The hardness of CBN is more than twice that of corundum. CBN grinding wheel can meet the requirements of high speed, high efficiency, high precision, low grinding cost and high performance grinding tools, while reducing environmental pollution problems.


In the case of imported CNC camshaft grinding machines with the same workpiece, the life of vitrified CBN grinding wheel is 40-50 times higher than that of ordinary ceramic corundum grinding wheel, and the consumption of single piece of raw material of CBN grinding wheel is 1/50 of that of corundum grinding wheel. The production efficiency of CBN wheel is 30% higher than that of corundum wheel.

Fig. 1 Comparison of life and raw material consumption of camshaft processed by vitrified CBN wheel and corundum wheel


In terms of crankshaft processing, the life of high-speed ceramic CBN wheel is 15 times longer than that of ordinary ceramic corundum wheel when compared with ceramic binder wheel in processing crankshaft spindle. The consumption of a single piece of raw material of CBN grinding wheel is 1/59 of that of corundum grinding wheel. Due to the high durability of ceramic CBN grinding wheel, the use of CBN grinding wheel can greatly reduce the dressing times of the grinding wheel, so that the pollution generated during dressing process of the grinding wheel can be minimized.

Compared with traditional corundum wheels, ceramic CBN wheels shorten production cycle, reduce production cost and improve production efficiency. Vitrified CBN wheel is the development direction of modern grinding tools instead of corundum wheel.

Fig.2 Comparison of crankshaft life and raw material consumption between ceramic CBN grinding wheel and corundum grinding wheel


CBN is one of the superior performance of superhard materials, high hardness, high heat stability, and the affinity of carbon is small, suitable for processing ferrous metals, ceramics made of CBN grinding wheel speed reached 120 m/s, a complete big margin thick fine grinding, because of the grinding surface is compressive stress state, to improve the service life of the workpiece by 20%, comprehensive grinding cost down more than 10%, the use of CBN grinding wheel abrasive tool to realize the great value. Ceramic CBN grinding wheel is a high-performance grinding tool with high efficiency, high precision, low grinding cost and low environmental pollution, which realizes the sustainable development of coordination and optimization among economy, society and environment. Make industrial processing become more efficient and simpler, and achieve the goal of green processing. +86-371-8654-5906 +86 17324838957 Zhongyuan Rd, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, China


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