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Diamond grinding wheel for ceramic grinding

Author:moao Time:2021-10-27 16:37:26

1. Mechanical Seals

Silicon nitride ceramic seals are more used for dehydration equipment, refitted cars, test motors, refrigeration and air conditioning machinery and other equipment. 

Moresuperhard diamond double disc can keep it sharp for a long time and less dressing time to ensure the stability of size in mass production.

double disc grinding wheel for ceramic grinding.jpg

2. Plunger piston

Ceramic plunger grinding.png

Ceramic plunger has extremely high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal impact.

The service life more than 10 - 20 times of the metal plunger.

We provide a variety of bond diamond centerless / Cylindrical grinding wheels to meet your various grinding requirements.

Grit: 80 # - 5000 #


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