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Diamond grinding wheel for grinding stainless steel

Author:moao Time:2021-10-18 15:09:35

In order to meet the requirements of surface quality and machining accuracy of stainless steel parts, grinding is usually used. 

Due to the high toughness, low thermal conductivity and small elastic modulus of stainless steel, there are often the following problems in grinding:

1. Grinding wheel is easy to stick and jam.

2. The processing surface is easy to burn.

3. Work hardening phenomenon is serious.

4. The workpiece is easy to deform.

How to choose grinding wheel when grinding stainless steel:

1. Abrasive: CBN abrasive: high hardness, good thermal stability, high chemical inertia, does not oxidize in 1300℃ ~ 1500℃ . The edge of the abrasive is not easy to become blunt, grinding heat is less, suitable for grinding all kinds of stainless steel. In order to reduce the adhesion phenomenon, can also use silicon carbide and diamond grinding wheel.  

2. Grit: When grinding stainless steel, it is generally appropriate to use grinding wheels of #46 and #60 medium particle size, #46 is used for rough grinding, and #60 particle size is used for fine grinding.  In order to be suitable for both rough and fine grinding, #46 and #60 are used.  

3. Bond:  In order to withstand large impact loadgrinding wheel  for grinding stainless steels required to have high strength.  The vitrified bond has adnantages of heat resistant and corrosion resistant. The vitrified grinding wheel can well maintain the grinding performance. When grinding, there is almost no heat, so that the workpiece has the arrangement and dressing interval comparable to CBN.  When grinding inner hole of stainless steel with high concentration nitric acid, resin bond grinding wheel can be used .  

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4. Hardness: Grinding wheels with low hardness should be selected to improve self-sharpening. Grinding wheels with I-J hardness are generally selected, among which I is the most commonly used.  

5. Organization: In order to avoid blockage of grinding wheel in the grinding process, the organization of grinding wheel should be relatively loose. Generally, # 46-60 is suitable.  

How to choose grinding amount when grinding stainless steel :

The speed of vitrified bonded grinding wheel is 30-35m /s.  The  vitrified grinding wheel of  bond is 35 ~ 50m/s.  When surface burns are found, the grinding wheel speed should be reduced to 16 ~ 20m/s.  

Workpiece speed:  

(1)When the workpiece diameter is less than 50mm, n= 120-150r /min.  

(2)When the value is greater than 50mm, n ranges from 40 to 80r/min.  

When the grinding wheel is used for plane fine grinding, the movement speed of the table is generally 15 ~ 20m/min, and 5 ~ 50 m/min for rough grinding.  The minimum value is taken when the grinding depth and lateral feed are large.  The rough grinding depth is 0.04 ~ 0.08mm, and the fine grinding depth is 0.01mm.  The grinding depth should be reduced after dressing the wheel.  

The longitudinal feed in cylindrical grinding is (0.2 ~ 0.7) mm/r, in rough grinding and (0.2 ~ 0.3) in fine grinding.  



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