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Diamond wheel for grinding magnetic materials

Author:moao Time:2021-07-29 10:40:23

With the ferrite market is becoming full, the emerging market of NdFeB. The tooling requirements of advanced processes, such as internal grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, double-disc surface grinding, thread-grinding and cutting of ferrites, samarium cobalt, neodymium iron and other magnetic materials.


1. Resin/Metal bond wheel for centerless grinding

Single-piece formation of a resin bond wheel with a maximum outer diameter of φ1000mm and width of T200mm can be realized.



 Material of Ferrite bars:



2. Resin/Metal bond double disc for surface grinding

High grinding performance and long tool life for processing of Ferrite/NdFeB



3. Electroplated diamond wheels for formed grinding

This is a high precision electroplated wheel realized by our original precision electrodeposition technology and shows excellent shape retention performance and long-lasting sharpness in form grinding. Since truing/dressing on a machine is not required, high precision and high efficiency form grinding is possible.



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