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Eurasian Industry Fair 2021

Author:Cassie Time:2021-07-28 11:12:51

1. Introduction
The 29th Western Manufacturing Expo 2021 and Eurasian Industry Fair held in China’s Xian International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 18-21th, 2021. Three representatives of Joe, Jim and Anna from More Superhard Co., Ltd. participat.
The exhibition has 6 indoor exhibition halls with a total exhibition area of 80,00㎡, it focusing on metal cutting machine tools, laser cutting tool, measuring equipment, industrial automation and robots, intelligent equipment and precision components, power transmission and Fluid hydraulics, light industry equipment, etc.
2. Exhibits
Metal cutting machine: CNC tools machine, machining centers, lathes, planers, grinders,drilling machines,boring machines,milling machines,tooth/thread machines,electrical machining,cutting machines,surface processing equipment , Modular machine tools etc.
Numerical control system and automation: numerical control system, servo drive system, digital display device, linear guide, ball screw pair, computer application technology, network technology, automation technology, three-coordinate measuring machine, various precision measuring instruments and detectors, flaw detection equipment , Balancing equipment, industrial robots and controllers, etc.
Measuring tools: clamp measuring tools, measuring instruments, abrasives, diamond tools, electric/pneumatic tools, mechanical hand tools, etc.
Ceramic milling cutters for the aerospace industry and CVD rollers from Winter, Germany

3. About us

More Super Hard Products Co., Ltd is a leading company expert in manufacturing and supplying various ultra-hard products including diamond tools, Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Tools, which is widely used in Petroleum & Geology Industry, Auto & Aviation Processing Industry, Cutting Tool Processing Industry, and Natural Diamond & Jewelry Processing Industry and etc.
The Company's production covered Vitrified Bond Tools, Resin Bond Tools, Metal Bond Tools, Electroplated Diamond/CBN Tools, Vacuum Brazed Products, CVD Diamond Tools, Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tools, and Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Tools.

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