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Four methods of grinding wheel dressing

Author:moao Time:2020-08-28 15:08:08

The process of shaping or trimming the blunt surface of the grinding wheel with a dressing tool to restore the grinding performance and correct geometry of the working surface. Timely and correct dressing of grinding wheel is an indispensable link to improve grinding efficiency and ensure grinding quality. Grinding wheel dressing generally includes turning, diamond roller, grinding and rolling, etc.


Turning finishing method  

 It is the most common dressing method to turn a grinding wheel with a single particle diamond (or diamond dressing block made of fine diamond) as a tool. The diamond tool mounted on the tool holder is usually inclined about 5° ~ 15° in both vertical and horizontal directions. The contact point between diamond and grinding wheel should be 0.5 ~ 2mm lower than the axis of grinding wheel. During dressing, the diamond should be moved with uniform low-speed feeding. The smaller the surface roughness after grinding is required, the lower the feed rate should be. If the surface roughness is to reach Ra0.16 ~ 0.04 m, the dressing feed rate should be lower than 50mm/ min. The total dressing amount is generally about 0.1mm for a single side, and the reciprocating dressing is repeated for several times. The cutting depth of coarse trimming is 0.01 ~ 0.03mm each time, and the fine trimming is less than 0.01mm.

Turning finishing method

FIG. 1 Turning and dressing grinding wheel


Diamond roller dressing method

 By adopting the method of plating or powder metallurgy of diamond particles embedded in the surface of steel roller made of diamond roller, at a certain speed rotation (so as to reduce the relative speed of roller and wheel), the high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel surface grinding and rolling effect, make the keenness of the grinding wheel and the roller type surface consistent with the work surface. Diamond rollers are complex, expensive to manufacture, durable and highly efficient for dressing, and are suitable for dressing and grinding wheels with specially formed surfaces (such as threads, gears and Tenon teeth of turbine blades) in mass production.

 Diamond roller dressing method

FIG. 2 Diamond roller dressing grinding wheel.



Grinding wheel dressing method

 It adopts low-speed rotating super-hard silicon carbide grinding wheel and high-speed rotating grinding wheel to grind to achieve the purpose of dressing.

 Grinding wheel dressing method

Rolling dressing method

 It adopts hard alloy disc, a set of rollers made of a set of wavy white iron discs or a set of hardened steel plates with grooves, to roll and squeeze with a grinding wheel for dressing. The roller is generally installed on the dressing fixture and operated manually. +86-371-8654-5906 +86-18339903057 Zhongyuan Rd, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, China


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