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Get our 2021 Calendar in your next order !

Author:moao Time:2021-07-29 16:21:59

We just finished 2021 calendar edition, place an order and get it.

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“More Super Hard” devotes to develop and produce advanced diamond & CBN grinding wheels to provide you a complete grinding solution. With the advanced bond systems (Vitrified bond, Resin bond, Metal bond, Hybrid bond and electroplated), our products cover all grinding types, flat grinding, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, centerless grinding, profile grinding, peripheral grinding, etc… Fit manual grinder and also CNC grinding center.


‘More Super Hard’ makes grinding easy and efficiency. 

1, Electroplated diamond & CBN tools 

Electroplated diamond and CBN tools provide very sharp grinding ability, widely used in stone cutting, gems grinding, tungsten carbide and HSS tools sharpening. With the excellent machine work, Also, “More Super Hard” supplies very high-precision electroplated tools which are mainly used in gear, automobile industry and form grinding solution.


 2, Diamond cutting disc  

Ultra-thin diamond dicing blade are widely used in semi-conductor, quartz and QFN cutting. If you want to cut tungsten carbide, ceramics, stones or hardened steel, choose our professional type diamond cutting disc for high cutting efficiency.


3, PCD and PCBN tools grinding solution  

Thanks to “More Super Hard” proven technique and rich experience, you can get very sharp wheels for rough and semi-rough grinding, and also fine and ultra-fine grinding wheel to reach superior cutting edge.


4, CNC tools grinding solution  

“More Super Hard” provides you full ranges resin bond and hybrid bond grinding wheel for carbide and HSS tools fluting, gashing, clearance grinding and face grinding.


5, Oil and Gas industry grinding solution 

Our professional vitrified diamond cylindrical and centerless grinding wheels possess sharp grinding ability and long working life at the same time. It satisfies your demand for PDC bits and PDC cutters OD grinding and chamfer grinding.


6, Indexable inserts peripheral grinding solution  

AGATHON, Coborn, EWAG, WENDT, WAIDA, CNC peripheral grinding machines are specially used for carbide / CBN / Cermet inserts grinding, and very popular in the market now. “More Super Hard” supplies you vitrified bond and resin bond type peripheral grinding wheels which are fit to these grinders.


7, Automobile industry grinding solution  

More Super Hard supports the automobile industry with superabrasive products; Vitrified bond CBN wheels for crankshaft and camshaft, CBN slotting wheels and CBN internal grinding wheels.


8, Woodworking tools grinding solution  

Get a complete grinding solution for HSS, carbide and PCD saw blade’s face, top and side sharpening. CBN grinding wheels with steel body and aluminum body for band saw blades are also in stock.


9, Thermal spray coated grinding solution 

From 300mm (12’’) to 1100mm (43’’) diameter grinding wheels are available in “More Super Hard” big size wheels’ series, it improves your grinding efficiency a lot. Delivery time only needs 7-10 working days. Diamond belt helps you to achieve special shape workpiece easy grinding.


10, Dressing tools  

Diamond dressers are made with CVD or natural diamond with excellent precision for conventional wheel and CBN wheel dressing. Single point, multi-point and rotary diamond dressers meet your every dressing requirement.


11, Double face grinding solution  

Vitrified bond diamond double face grinding wheel makes efficient grinding possible for your pumps, seal parts, ceramic valve core and carbide blades. Wheel diameter from 300mm (12’’) to 1500mm (59’’) are all available.


12, Holes grinding solution  

We design and manufacture multiple diamond and CBN internal grinding wheels to provide you more choices in deep hole, blind hole, through hole, taper hole, stepped hole and threaded hole’ smooth grinding. +86-371-8654-5906 +86 17324838957 Zhongyuan Rd, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, China


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