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Grinding parameters of plasma sprayed coating

Author:moao Time:2021-08-25 13:37:15

1. Linear velocity of grinding wheel

The circumferential velocity of grinding wheel and parts can directly affect the grinding efficiency.

The grinding wheel linear velocity is generally between 30-40 m/s when grinding the surface of the outer circle coating.

When grinding the surface internal grinding, the grinding wheel linear velocity is generally between 18-28 m/s.

The linear speed of the workpiece is based on the size of its diameter, generally chosen between 25-40 RPM.

2. Grinding feed

Due to the particularity of the structure of coating material, the feeding amount should not be too large during grinding to prevent thermal stress and extrusion and peeling of coating during grinding.

When grinding the outer coating, the feed of rough grinding is between 0.01-0.02 mm;

The feed of fine grinding is between 0.003-0.005 mm.When grinding the inner hole coating, the grinding feed is 0.002-0.005 mm.

The longitudinal cutting amount is between 300-500 mm/min when cylinder grinding.

The amount of longitudinal cutting is between 200-300 mm/min when internal grinding.

3. Cooling fluid

General emulsion can be used as the coolant for coating grinding, but the coolant flow should be large. It is best to wash the coolant directly to the grinding wheel and the parts in contact, so as to wash the coating particles and grinding wheel abrasive particles away in time.

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