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Honing process and honing oilstone

Author:moao Time:2020-03-01 12:52:07

Honing process and honing oilstone
honing oilstone
Honing process: During the grinding process, three flat plates are ground into each other, and the interference points protruding from the two surfaces (one is the stone cutting surface and the other is the surface of the part being processed) are flattened to obtain a precise workpiece surface. This process is called honing.
Honing processing characteristics:
1.High processing accuracy
2.Good surface quality
3.Wide processing range
4.Small cutting allowance
5.Strong ability to correct holes
The abrasives commonly used for honing oilstones are diamond, cubic boron nitride, corundum, and silicon carbide.
Superhard Honing Stones:Diamond Honing Stones and CBN Honing Stones.
Diamond honing oilstones generally use cold-pressing sintering or hot-pressing sintering. Cold pressing adopts metal mold, large forming pressure (400-500MPa), long mold life. Graphite mold is used for hot pressing, with low molding pressure (15-20MPa), low sintering temperature, small molding pressure, small loss of diamond strength, but large mold loss.
Corundum and silicon carbide oil stone.
Corundum and silicon carbide oilstones are old and widely used oilstones, and they are still widely used, but honing oilstones with a single abrasive are not ideal for some difficult-to-machine materials due to their single grinding characteristics There are certain limitations in use.
Features of Super Hard Honing Stone:
1. Long durability
2. Low cost
3. Reduced scratch rate
4. Grinding heat is small
5. The honing pattern is even and clear
Application areas:
Honing is currently used in manufacturing and repairing departments such as automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, ships, aviation, engineering machinery, machine tools and military industries. Long holes, especially cylinder liners (holes) of internal combustion engines. High-speed precision machine tool spindle and auxiliary (feeding) transmission motion auxiliary hole; hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder hole; reducer, motor, generator and other casing sleeve holes; various pump holes; gun barrel holes and other compact, wear-resistant Hole pieces. +86-371-8654-5906 +86 17324838957 Zhongyuan Rd, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, China


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