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How does the Porous Ceramic Vacuum Work

Author:Cassie Time:2021-07-28 16:52:03

How does the Porous Ceramic Vacuum Work?


First of all, what is Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chunk?
Ceramic vacuum chuck is a kind of uniform solid or vacuum body made of nano powder. A large number of connected or closed ceramic materials are produced in the material by sintering at high temperatures.
This material is Al2O3 or SiC and is widely used in semiconductors and electronic devices, where it can be vacuum pumped to fix semiconductor wafers, glass substrate materials and other working objects.

The fixed workpiece can be bonded by aligning the porous material with the metal (or ceramic) body and applying negative pressure from the back and sides of the body.
Because the holes are very small and evenly distributed, the vacuum sucker will not cause damage and scratch to your workpiece, thus improving the yield, and is the best partner for manufacturing processing.

Main Application field:
–New, and refurbished, porous ceramic chucks for Disco ,ADT, K&S ,Applied materials TSK,OKAMOTO, Micro Automation, Load Point etc dicing saws and grinders.
–4″,5,6″,8,”12″ regular size available in round , square ,oval shape or irregular shapes and sizes.
–Custom size is available for us
Compared with the characteristics of traditional suction cups for the single specification of work-pieces, the regional suction function of Ceramic Vacuum suction cups helps to improve the smoothness of the production line and its performance, also avoid the traditional suction cups on the work-piece (especially the Thin Film material) scratches and suction marks.
Characteristics include:
1. High flatness and parallelism
2. Compact and uniform microstructure with high strength
3. Good permeability and uniform adsorption affinity
4. Long life time
5. Dressing easily.

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