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Learning about DANOBAT course automobile powertrain efficient grinding solution

Author:moao Time:2022-08-15 16:39:12

Thanks for Danobat course-automobile powertrain efficient grinding solution. Moresuperhard know more about new energy vehicles.

The whole course from Danobat applied in the power train grinder LG,CG,PG series to meet the production grinding needs of different customers, to the power train application (electric vehicle industry motor shaft, transmission shaft, CVT drive shaft grinding), new powertrain gear shaft processing, new powertrain motor shaft and traditional commercial vehicle transmission shaft processing, to the final digital grinding solutions, a comprehensive and clear description of the power train grinding solutions.

What is powertrain ?

A car's powertrain includes almost all components that generate power and transfer it to the road. Includes engine, gearbox, differential and drive shaft. In hybrid and electric vehicles, the propulsion system also includes batteries, electric drive systems, and control electronics.

New energy vehicles are mainly composed of power system (battery, motor, electronic control), braking system, automotive electronics, chassis, body and so on.

New energy vehicles (take pure electric vehicles as an example) change the power train due to the change of the fuel used, no longer need the traditional internal engine, correspondingly no longer need the engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rod and other parts. Means in the past to adapt to the structure of this part of the milling, drilling, boring, threading, grinding, honing and other complex metal cutting processes will not be used, so as to have an important impact on the machine tool market.

Mainstream models of new energy vehicles:

1. BEV (EV) : BEV is the abbreviation of Battery Electrical Vehicle, refers to the pure electric Vehicle, usually called EV

2. HEV: is the abbreviation of Hybrid Electric Vehicle, which means Hybrid Electric Vehicle, refers to the Hybrid type of Vehicle.

3. PHEV: is the abbreviation of Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

4. REEV :electric cars is to add a program, like pure electric vehicles, power in power battery, motor to drive the car, the difference is increased program the electric car is more than a set of engine system, when the power batteries, the engine will start to think the battery, when the electric battery can continue to drive the vehicle.

Application of Danobart ESTARTA centerless grinder in power train

Estarta-175/250 short cycle small and medium size workpiece production, Estarta-400/650 high production, large and medium size workpiece production.

Electric vehicle transmission shaft, motor shaft grinding

Electric vehicle transmission shaft, motor shaft grinding machine used for LG series, PG series

Grinding methods are external round grinding (internal and external round grinding), end grinding

Kiss grinding method

It mentioned kiss grinding method for machining mator shaft ."Kiss grind, also sometimes referred to as a "breeze grind" is a light surface grind that will remove minor surface damage. It is typically used on tool interface surfaces such as CAT or BT tapers. Because it is a grinding process it can only remove high spots. Often taper surfaces have high spots as a result of debris being pulled in during a tool change. This is a substantially less expensive repair than GPG.

These new crankshaft journals can be ground by the following three methods:

First,using a grinding wheel as wide as the journal for plunge- cut grinding.

Second,use a slightly narrower than the width of the shaft neck Grinding (Kiss Grinding).

Finally, combining "plunge-cut in grinding" and "lean grinding" for diagonal grinding.

From the traditional cylindrical cut in grinding to contour grinding:

Characteristics of contour grinding:

1. The size of ceramic CBN grinding wheel or electroplated CBN grinding wheel used for grinding should be smaller than the gear width of the journal, so that the interchangeability is stronger and the flexibility is higher.

2. This new grinding process has a large instantaneous contact area during grinding, and abrasive wear is more uniform, which can effectively reduce the dressing or adjustment of grinding wheel time, and has a high material removal rate.

3. The narrow grinding wheel facilitates the entry of coolant and reduces the burn on thrust surface.

4. The structure of the grinding wheel must be more open so as to have better cutting force, and the grinding heat should be generated as little as possible on the premise of achieving high efficiency, so as to avoid a series of problems such as burns and cracks. The machine must have good rigidity and cooling system.

Conventional automotive CVT stepless transmission grinding and commercial truck drive shaft grinding


Transmission shaft grinding:using a series plunge-cut grinding

Spindle grinding: uses corundum wheel

The auxiliary shaft grindingcenterless grinding machine with CBN grinding wheel(oblique grinding method)

New powertrain gear shaft processing 







Input shaft


62 HRC


0.4mm (diameter direction)

Finish requirements


Motor shaft grinding -CBN wheel

V-power grinding wheels are very cost-effective, helping customers reduce overall grinding costs, while localized production leads to shorter lead times and better technical support. For the dressing of V-Power grinding wheels and the subsequent polishing of workpiece, Saint-Gobain Abrasive Tools has also launched NORTON ® Winter ® diamond roller and NORTON ®Q171 myster products, which form a golden partner with V-Power grinding wheels, providing complete grinding and polishing solutions for powertrain and shaft components, further helping the automotive industry to improve efficiency and reduce costs




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