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Manufacturing process of high precision diamond roller and fault cause during dressing

Author:moao Time:2021-07-30 15:49:50

Classification of high precision diamond rollers

(1) Sintering method: There are two kinds of hand-planting sintering rollers and randomly distributed sintering rollers, which have strong durability.

(2) Electroplating method: High precision manufacturing of small and complex shape roller;
(3) CVD roller: new material, good dressing effect for CBN grinding wheel.

At present, sintering method is the main method in China. Compared with electroplating method, it has a longer life and more stable performance. On the contrary, electroplating method is more widely used than sintering method in foreign countries. The following figure shows the manufacturing methods and characteristics of sintered diamond rollers and electroplated diamond rollers.



Manufacturing Method

Diamond distribution

Diamond Density

Complexity of manufacturable profile

Working surface accuracy



Electroplating Method

Positive Plating

Random distribution






Reversed Plating

Random distribution





Regular distribution

Controllable density




Sintering Method

Random distribution Sintering Method

Random distribution

Controllable density



Regular Distribution Sintering Method

Regular distribution

Controllable density




Manufacturing technology of high precision diamond roller

Manufacturing process of sintering method is as follows: according to the figure processing mould, then adopts artificial implant method, will be a large diamond particles according to a certain density in the mould, after the sintering furnace using powder metallurgy sintering technology, after removing the mold, based on diamond surface, machining hole and face benchmark, after dressing grinding wheel on grinding machine, diamond roller for blank piece at this moment, have dimensional accuracy deviation, preliminary deviation value is measured by test center instrument, calculate the appropriate finishing allowance, finally on the special trimming machine, after repeated grinding and detection, and conform to the requirements of the finished product drawings.


Manufacturing process of electroplating method is: the technical requirements of the section, according to the production of parts to make a mould, electroplated synthetic diamond, with binder (low melting point alloy) and steel reinforced bonding, metal-cutting processing (benchmark) removal of abrasive tire body, uniform diamond exposure and dressing grinding wheel on grinding machine, replica of a workpiece, in type test center measuring the workpiece surface all technical requirements, qualified for finished products.



Fault causes and disposal methods of high precision diamond rollers during dressing are summarized

The high-precision diamond roller often appears loud voice, chatter grain, grinding burn, rough surface, local projection and other conditions during dressing. The following table introduces the reasons and solutions for the above five conditions.


Conditions of Workpiece






Continuous sound

Unbalance of grinding wheel and roller, excessive dressing resistance

Check the dynamic balance and suggest to slow down the feed and increase the relative speed

Intermittent sound

Lack of rigidity of driving device and slide way, high dressing resistance, improper grinding wheel position

Check  the rigidity and slow feed rate;Increase the relative speed;The flange of the clamping wheel becomes larger, increasing the thickness of the wheel

Chatter Mark


Check the balance of diamond roller and grinding wheel; the turning accuracy of wheel and roller shaft; the rotating speed;  Increase the rigidity of the roller feed device and drive device; increase the driving force of roller

 Grinding Burns

Insufficient coolant, blockage of grinding wheel;

The workpiece does not fit the style of grinding wheel

Check the amount of coolant,nozzle direction and position;Increase the feed rate;Shorten zero dressing

time;Increase dressing amount;Reduce grinding wheel hardness;The wheel organization becomes coarse;Reduce diamond density;Check the protrusion of diamond

 Rough Surface

Insufficient rigidity of driving device; Improper dressing parameters; Coolant is dirty

Adjust Bearing rigidity of drive device; Check the turning accuracy of the roller;Check the protrusion of diamond;Extend the zero trimming time; replace the grinding fluid

Local protuberance

Insufficient grinding

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