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Matters and problems of small aperture internal processing

Author:moao Time:2021-08-25 14:11:52

   Because it is often restricted by the diameter of the inner hole of the workpiece, the diameter of the inner circle processing is usually low, the speed is often affected by the speed of the inner spindle of the equipment, and the circumferential speed of the ceramic diamond grinding wheel is often lower than 30-35 m/s.  Therefore, vitrified diamond grinding wheels are usually more efficient in machining roughness and cylindrical grinding  

   When grinding the inner circle, the diameter of the grinding wheel is usually small, the rotational speed is high, and the loss speed of the diamond grinding wheel increases linearly. It is necessary to frequently replace the grinding wheel or use ceramic dressing ring for refit operation, which directly increases the grinding processing time.  

   When grinding the inner circle, the smaller the aperture to be processed, the smaller the diameter of the connecting shaft of the ceramic diamond grinding wheel, which will easily lead to the reduction of the rigidity of the tool bar of the grinding wheel, which will produce vibration during the processing and reduce the accuracy of the workpiece.  

   When the inner circle grinding alumina ceramic plunger,  the diamond wheel contacts the inner hole, the contact arc is more than the outer circle length, which leads to the grinding coolant is not easy to enter the hole to cool down, so the grinding temperature rises straight, the abrasive passivating speed increases, the grinding wheel is easy to plug, the workpiece surface burns and affects the quality of finished products.  


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