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Moresuperhard set off again --- Attend International Forum & Exhibition on Precision Manufacturing at Kunshan

Author:moao Time:2021-07-29 16:52:30


The forum will have the invited oral presentations from the engineering practitioners, leading researchers, industrialists and academics, and in parallel the industrial exhibitions from leading companies in the field. Both of them will try to show off the best practices, innovation ideas, products and services. Furthermore, there will be industrial round table discussions, demos and meetings with Venture Capitals in precision engineering and the companies tour. 


This annual event will scope itself as the most popular and unique international forum on precision engineering manufacture and business, for engineering practitioners, leading researchers, industrialists and academics to share and exchange ideas such as the latest developments, research findings, best business practices and visions in the fast moving field, and to find many ways to do better precision engineering business and collaboration both efficiently and effectively.


Moresuperhard displays the products of the company include but are not limited to: a new generation of fine-grained fine grinding instead of imported, the narrowest one-ring wide grinding wheel, meet various processing needs, high-precision tool special grinding wheels, metal CBN grinding wheels, EWAG peripheral grinding, chip thinning Grinding wheels, diamond edging wheels, ultra-thin cutting discs, dicing knives, ceramic super-hard grinding discs, high-precision electroplated grinding wheels, dressing rollers, diamond dressing wheels, instead of traditional grinding wheels.

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