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New research of ultra-sonic cleaning for diamond grinding wheels

Author:moao Time:2021-07-29 17:19:19



Recently, we have a customer met a problem in his grinding work. He is using our resin bond diamond grinding wheel for this carbide workpiece grinding. The wheel works very good in the beginning, but later, he finds the wheel is blocked by the chippings. Grinding wheel losses grinding ability, becomes dull and grinding efficiency reduced very much. Under this circumstance, he asks me for help. This is a common issue during grinding work, not a big problem, and very easy to control.




According to my experience, he can use a simple dressing stick (oil stone, aluminum oxide stick) to re-sharp the grinding wheel. However, he does not have any of them in hand. He said he only have an ultra-sonic cleaner at present, and wants to try clean the grinding wheel with this machine.

To be honest, we have never used an ultra-sonic cleaner for grinding wheel cleaning before. I doubt the feasibility of this project.



Luckily, we get an email with positive feedback from my customer. He gets very good result after ultra-sonic cleaning; the grinding disc becomes sharp again.

In conclusion, we believe the ultra-sonic cleaner is an idea machine to clean the diamond grinding wheel, and it can re-sharp your diamond grinding wheels when blocks.





Also I want to tell you that when we clean the big grinding disc in the ultra sonic bath they work much much better. +86-371-8654-5906 +86 17324838957 Zhongyuan Rd, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, China


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