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Quality Control For Resin Diamond Wheel for Cylindrical Grinding

Author:moao Time:2019-11-04 17:59:34

diamond grinding wheel
  Quality Control  For Resin Diamond Wheel for Cylindrical Grinding
Resin Diamond Wheel for Cylindrical Grinding of Thermal Spraying Coatings  (915D*50.8T*304.8H*10U ,915D*40T*304.8H*10U ) were sent to the UK and dubai .The quality inspection team is testing the size and weight of the grinding wheel.
diamond grinding wheeldiamond grinding wheelsdiamond grinding wheel
We customize different packaging according to different features of grinding wheel. The 915mm resin diamond grinding wheel is large in volume and heavy in quality. We choose wooden box packaging to avoid accidents in the transportation of grinding wheel to the greatest extent
In order to save freight and bring the most favorable price to customers, we have perennial cooperation with the express company. In this shipment, we choose DHL, which has low transportation cost and faster transportation speed, so as to meet customers' needs to the greatest extent.
diamond grinding wheeldiamond and cbn wheels
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