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Technology of dressing grinding wheel with diamond roller

Author:moao Time:2021-08-25 13:55:00

The grain size of diamond grinding wheel should be one point coarser than that of the dressing grinding wheel, and the size of diamond particles should be close to the same, and the shape of diamond particles is approximately spherical. The commonly used particle size is 36# ~100#.

 Generally, the linear velocity direction at the contact point of the roller and the grinding wheel is in the same direction. The ratio of the linear velocity of the roller and the grinding wheel (QD value) should be +0.3~ +0.7, and should not exceed +1.

During dressing, the cutting amount of the roller should be 0.5~1µm per rotation of the grinding wheel, and the total amount of each dressing wheel should be 0.02~0.04mm. The Light repair time as compressed as possible.

 The manufacturing error of the diamond roller should be less than about 1/2 of the workpiece tolerance, and the fit clearance between the roller hole and the mounting bearing is 2~4µm.

Natural or artificial diamond can be used. The artificial diamond must be made of high strength diamonds, such as diamond SCD or high strength diamond SMD for grinding steel.

When manufacturing the roll dress wheel by plating method and sintering method, while the roller with high precision and complex profile can be manufactured by internal plating method, and grinding and dressing are carried out at the same time.

 When dressing the grinding wheel with diamond rollers, the action procedure of fast forward (not touching the grinding wheel) → slow forward (feeding according to the required plunge speed) → light repair → exit must be followed. No wrong steps should be taken, otherwise the life of the rollers cannot be guaranteed.

dressing diamond dressing grinding wheel

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