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The difference between diamond sanding belt and diamond grinding belt

Author:moao Time:2022-08-15 14:38:11

Both diamond abrasive belts and diamond grinding wheel are the cumulative effect of micro-cutting of the "micro-edge cutting tool" with high speed -- abrasive particles, so their grinding mechanism is roughly the same. However, due to the different characteristics of sand belt composition and use mode, the grinding of diamond polishing belts is different from diamond wheel grinding in terms of both grinding mechanism and comprehensive grinding performance. The main performance is as follows:


1. Diamond wheel grinding is rigid contact grinding, while diamond/CBN sanding belts grinding is elastic grinding, and this is true even in the case of inelastic steel contact wheels, because the substrate and binder that make up the belt are elastic, not to mention elastic rubber is used as the contact wheels in most cases. Because of this, belt grinding not only has the same sliding, ploughing and cutting effects as diamond grinding wheel, but also has the extrusion effect of abrasive particles on the workpiece surface. Therefore, from this point of view, flexible diamond belt grinding has multiple functions of grinding, grinding and polishing at the same time. This is the reason why the surface quality of abrasive belt grinding is higher than that of diamond wheel grinding.

2. The distribution of abrasive particles on the grinding surface of diamond grinding wheel is chaotic and irregular. In actual grinding, abrasive particles are cut with large negative front Angle, small back Angle or even negative back Angle, and the cutting conditions are very bad.  Diamond abrasive belts is different, the abrasive belt is specially manufactured, the geometric shape of the abrasive particles is often Yangtze River Delta body, and a series of advanced technology such as electrostatic sand planting is used to make, the size and distribution of the abrasive particles are uniform, good height, and is the form of the pointed edge is planted on the surface of the sand belt substrate, exposing more parts of the adhesive layer. Therefore, the abrasive particles of the abrasive belt are sharper than those of the diamond wheel, and the cutting conditions are better. The material deformation during grinding is small, the cutting force is high, the grinding force and the resulting grinding heat are small, and the grinding temperature is low.

3. The abrasive particles of diamond grinding wheel are filled with settling agent, and the chip tolerance space is very small. Chip capacitors between the abrasive belt grinding grain space generally at least 10 times greater than that of diamond grinding wheel, contour, and grits and abrasive belt grinding grain cutting area is large, the effective cutting ability stronger than diamond grinding wheel, and the wear debris can be directly taken away at any time, very few residues on the surface of the abrasive belt cause congestion, and thus increase the friction heat, not the low temperature in the grinding zone.

4. The perimeter of diamond sanding belt from the design point of view, can be much bigger than that of the diamond grinding wheel circumference, this makes the abrasive belt in grinding both good cooling conditions, and can be hung up part of the abrasive belt at runtime oscillation will stick in the sand belt grinding chip natural shake off, fill of further reduce the phenomenon, thereby reducing the friction heat, This is also another reason for the low grinding temperature of the belt.

Can diamond sanding belt replace diamond grinding wheel?

Of course, diamond sand belt can replace diamond grinding wheel in many applications, and there are many advantages. Diamond sanding belt grinding faster, and has the expected surface finish, is used in finishing coating than the grinding wheel will have a better finish. 

What kind of surface finish can diamond sand belt achieve?

In HVOF/HVAF tungsten carbide coatings, it is common to achieve a surface finish of 0.10 or 0.08Ra microns.

Is diamond sanding belt expensive?

The cost of diamond sanding belt is much cheaper than diamond grinding wheel, so it is not expensive.

What should be considered for HVOF hard coated abrasive belt grinding technology?

The grinding process typically involves grades 2-4, depending on the initial Ra value and the final value of the desired Ra.

What are the application areas of diamond sanding belt?

Diamond sanding belt can be used for stone, glass, ceramics, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, synthetic materials, hard alloy, aluminum alloy and other hard brittle materials complex surface grinding processing.

What is the difference between diamond sand belt and CBN sand belt?

Diamond sanding belt is a super hard material coated abrasive tool with artificial diamond as abrasive material and a new manufacturing process. It has the dual advantages of softness of traditional coated abrasive tools and high hardness of diamond. Compared with the traditional abrasive sand belt, the biggest characteristics of diamond sand belt is high grinding efficiency, good durability, good finish, high cost performance, and has the environmental advantages of less dust and noise in the process of use. The CBN belt is CBN abrasive, using a new manufacturing process research and development of super hard material coated abrasive products, CBN sand belt and ordinary abrasive sand belt is different in that it has the characteristics of ordinary abrasive coated abrasive soft, and make full use of the high hardness of CBN. Compared with ordinary coated abrasive tools, CBN abrasive belt not only has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, high durability, low grinding temperature, good surface quality and high cost performance, but also has the advantages of less dust, less noise and good working environment in the process of use.

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