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Thermal spraying (tungsten carbide)

Author:moao Time:2021-08-20 19:13:16

  Thermal spraying does not mean that how thick can be sprayed, the thicker the thickness, the more difficult the spraying, because it is to be sprayed on the spraying surface again, the sprayed particles are not easy to adhere to it, resulting in loss of waste, so the cost will increase exponentially.The spray thickness is generally 40 wires.

  Not all materials are suitable for spraying. At present, they say that 45# steel is an ideal spraying material. And the surface of the sprayed workpiece requires good flatness and finish, which can improve the efficiency and success rate of spraying.

  Thermal spraying generally needs to be programmed and completed by the manipulator.This leads to the higher cost of small batch orders.Painting tasks that are irregular or not on the same surface will add to the cost.

  After thermal spraying is completed, grinding and polishing is generally required. Currently, they use resin diamond grinding wheel, provided by Juchuang, but their reflection is not very stable, and the efficiency is not good.Juchuang has adjusted the formula many times, but it is still not ideal.This is especially true when grinding parts containing two different materials. 

  Thermal spraying Thermal spraying

The grinding problems they encountered were:

1. There will be vibration marks on the workpiece surface after grinding.

(The grinding wheel is too hard or blocked and needs a sharper grinding wheel).

2. When the workpiece has an included Angle, the consumption of different parts of the grinding wheel is not consistent, and the grinding wheel cannot adapt to the workpiece(Try to do multiple feeding of angular grinding wheel or narrow ring wide grinding wheel).

3. When grinding the workpiece of two materials (one side is sprayed with tungsten carbide, the other side is not sprayed), the workpiece will show signs of burns after grinding, and the grinding efficiency is very low. (It is necessary to increase the flow of coolant and the dressing frequency, and the sharp grinding wheel is still needed.)

 There was a thermal spray factory that could do a good job grinding both materials, but they didn't know what wheels they were using.It seems that we have a good chance, of course, not to rule out that the home is abrasive belt grinding.

Ceramic grinding wheels should still have a future in the application of human spraying, they need more efficient and more durable grinding wheels.

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