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What are the characteristics of glass grinding

Author:moao Time:2021-08-05 09:16:20

The glass is wind-proof, light-permeable, stable in performance, various types have different characteristics due to the use of different occasions, the scope of application is very wide. When we are choosing glass, besides paying attention to price, still answer its kind and performance to have certain understanding, make full use of strong points to avoid weak points, just can find the material that suits to use more.
What are the characteristics of glass grinding
Compared with other cutting methods, such as turning, milling and planning, grinding has the following characteristics:
(1)High grinding speed, up to 30m~50m per second; High grinding temperature, up to 1000℃~1500℃; The grinding process is very short, only about a millionth of a second.
(2)High machining accuracy and small surface roughness value can be obtained through grinding.
(3)Grinding can not only process soft materials, such as unquenched steel, cast iron, etc., but also can process quenched steel and other hard materials that the tool can not be processed, such as porcelain, hard alloy, etc.
(4)The cutting depth in grinding is very small and the metal layer that can be removed in a single stroke is very thin.
(5)When grinding, a large number of fine dust particles fly from the grinding wheel and splash a large number of dust particles from the workpiece. Both dust and metal chips can cause damage to the operator's eyes, and dust inhalation into the lungs can also be harmful to the body.
(6)Due to the poor quality of the grinding wheel, improper storage, improper selection of specifications and models, eccentric installation, or excessive feeding speed and other reasons, the grinding wheel may break, resulting in serious injuries to workers.
(7)When manual operation is carried out close to the rotating grinding wheel, such as the grinding tool, the cleaner piece or the grinding wheel correction method is not correct, the hand of the worker may touch the grinding wheel or other moving parts of the grinding machine and be injured.
(8)The noise generated during grinding can reach 110dB or above. If no noise reduction measures are taken, health will also be affected.
How should the glass grinding wheel be classified
A glass grinding wheel is a wheel for polishing glass. There are many kinds of glass grinding wheel, because the manufacturer of the glass edge grinding machine is different, the specification and performance of the polishing tools used in its matching are also different.
According to the domestic common use classification: 10s series polishing abrasives;9R series polishing tools; BD series polishing tools; BK series polishing tools; Polishing tools for glass carver; Cerium oxide polishing tool; Wool felt polishing tools.

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