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What problems often occur with centerless grinding method?

Author:moao Time:2021-12-27 16:45:06

During the process of centerless grinding, the grinding wheel rotates at a high speed for grinding, while the regulating wheel rotates in the same direction at a slower speed to drive the workpiece to rotate for circular feed.

Some problems will occur during the process of centerless grinding:

1.Parts are not round

(1) The regulating wheel is not rounded

(2) The grinding times are few or the ellipse of the previous process is too large

(3) The grinding wheel is blunt

(4) The grinding amount is too large or the cutting amount is too large


(1) Repair the regulating wheel and stop it until the regulating wheel is rounded (generally stop it without intermittent sound)

(2) Increase the grinding times appropriately

(3) Repair the grinding wheel

(4) Reduce grinding amount and  feed speed.

2.The cause of the vibration trace on the surface of the parts

(1) Machine vibration caused by the unbalance surface of grinding wheel

(1)Parts jumping due to the center of parts moving forward

(2) The grinding wheel is blunt or the surface of grinding wheel is too smooth

(3)The regulating wheel rotates too fast

 (1) Carefully balance grinding wheel
 (2) Appropriately reduce the center of parts
 (3) Appropriately increase the dressing speed of grinding wheel
 (4) Appropriately reduce the guiding speed

3. The surface brightness of parts is not good

(1) The regulating wheel Angle is too large, so that the cutting quantity of parts is too fast

(2) The grinding wheel speed is too fast, and the grinding wheel surface is rough

(3) The regulating wheel is too coarse


(1) Reduce inclination Angle

(2) Reduce the modification speed and modify the grinding wheel from the beginning

(3) Re-dressing guide wheel: When the grinding wheel is not started, it is forbidden to open the coolant. If the coolant is opened first, in order to prevent the occurrence of faults, intermittent start (i.e. on and off) should be adopted until the coolant is dispersed from all sides before starting the work.

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