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What problems will be encountered in the grinding process of double-sided grinding machine grinding wheel?

Author:moao Time:2021-11-19 15:43:34

 CBN grinding wheel burns workpiece in grinding process:

1. The hardness of CBN grinding wheel is too high: the grinding wheel with proper hardness should be replaced.

2. The nozzle direction of coolant is incorrect or the flow rate is insufficient: Adjust the nozzle direction of coolant and increase the flow rate.

3. Insufficient dressing of CBN grinding wheel: Replace the CBN grinding wheel dresser for grinding wheel dressing.

4. The workpiece grinding feed is too large: reduce the feed appropriately.

5. Filtration in coolant is not clean: re-check and adjust the cooling system.

double-sided grinding wheel

The grinding workpiece size discontinuity is poor:

Due to the hardness of the grinding wheel selected is too large: replace the grinding wheel with an appropriate hardness.

The persistence of workpiece size is poor:

1. If the grinding wheel hardness is too low, replace it with a grinding wheel with an appropriate hardness.

After grinding the workpiece surface roughness is poor:

1. The workpiece speed is too slow: Accelerate the workpiece speed.

2. The coolant is not fully filtered: Check whether the filtering system of the adjusted coolant is normal.

3. Large feed: slow down the feed speed appropriately.

4. If the grinding wheel rotation speed is too low, adjust the grinding wheel rotation speed.

5. The grinding wheel dressing is not in place: adjust or replace the CBN grinding wheel dresser for new dressing.

6. If the grinding wheel size is not matched, replace it with a new one.


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