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Why Choose PCD Processing Alloy Materials

Author:Cassie Time:2021-07-28 14:34:15

Aluminum alloy has many advantages such as light weight, good strength, easy processing, strong wear resistance, energy saving and high efficiency, and is widely used in many industries such as automobile industry, aerospace, navigation, energy and power, and transportation.

At present, automobiles are developing rapidly in the direction of lightweight, high-speed, safe and comfortable, low-cost, low-emission and energy-saving. At the same time, the development trend of new energy automobiles is rising rapidly. Aluminum alloy has the advantages of low density, light weight, good forming processability, energy saving and environmental protection. This has significant effects on the lightweight of automobiles, improving automobile driving performance and safety and comfort, reducing fuel consumption, reducing emissions and reducing environmental pollution. In the past 20 years, the amount of aluminum alloy used in automobiles and its share in the composition of automobile materials have increased significantly.



Automotive applications


Engine block, cylinder head, gearbox, housing, etc.


Radiator, pipeline, bumper, etc.


Doors, bodies, baffles, roofs, etc.


Subframe, suspension bracket, etc.


Parts made of aluminum alloy are now used in all parts of the car's engine, chassis, body, etc. Even in Tesla Model Y, the body has been cast with aluminum alloy.



The automobile industry has become a pillar industry for the development of my country's national economy. In recent years, domestically-produced automobiles have risen and developed rapidly, and my country has become a major automobile producer in the world. Under the trend of automobile lightweight, aluminum alloy will be widely used in the automobile industry, and the demand potential of my country's aluminum alloy industry market is huge in the future.

The types of aluminum alloy products will continue to increase, the product quality will be improved, the product value-added will be higher, and it will be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In the aluminum alloy processing technology, it is developing in a more refined direction; in the aluminum alloy processing equipment, it is moving in the intelligent direction. Under this trend, the choice of machining tools for aluminum alloy materials directly affects quality, efficiency, and cost.



PCD material has high hardness, good wear resistance, low affinity with non-ferrous metals, and has significant advantages in the processing of aluminum alloy materials:

-High processing accuracy;

-In the machining process, the tool tip is not easy to form chip accumulation;

-Keep the sharpness of the cutting edge for a long time and have a longer life;

-The modulus of elasticity is large, the breaking strength is high, and it can be re-ground for many times, and the economy is high.


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