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Why choose CBN wheel instead of conventional wheel to process camshaft

Author:More SuperHard Products Co.,Ltd Time:2018-05-19 10:20:24

Our CBN grinding wheels sent to Vietnam client and got a good feedback. "That wheel still work and perfect. Your wheels are so perfect" from our client’s feedback.
The customer used conventional stone wheel to grind camshaft before. The material of camshaft is cast iron and df2 material around 50 hardness. And used mix water and cutting oil... Then he wanted change to for better grinding wheel. We suggested  using the resin CBN wheel and got a good feedback.
Superabrasive VS. Conventional ( The following reasons tell you why choose CBN grinding wheel to process camshaft )
* CBN wheel has high processing efficiency. For machining equivalent camshaft, the efficiency of CBN grinding wheels are 100 times that of conventional grinding wheels.
* CBN wheel has high precision and good stability. The accuracy of the grinding wheel to process the workpiece can reach micron level.Reducing mechanical wear, protecting the spindle and increasing the overall service life of the machine tool and the grinding wheel.
* CBN wheel has accurately feed. conventional grinding wheel feed is only 0.01-0.05mm, while CBN grinding wheel feed is 1μm.  Reduced scrap rate and grinding cost.
* CBN wheel has good environmental protection. The CBN abrasive can be decomposed into boron nitride by ultra-high temperature, no pollution to the environment.Compared to conventional silicon carbide, it improves processing effiency ,with little dust pollution, little wastewater, environment friendly and clean,the workpiece are not easily damaged with low NG rate,and good uniformity on dimensions.
* CBN wheel has high hardness ,removal rates and wear resistance, long service life, easy dressing, etc
We can also provide dressing sticks for dressing CBN wheel (Such as green Sic diamond dressers 80/100 ).
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