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Why should the grinding wheel be dynamically balanced?

Author:moao Time:2021-08-25 10:48:59

The grinding wheel is a necessary tool for the grinding machine. To make the grinding wheel grind to an accurate size and smooth surface, it is necessary to prevent vibration during the grinding process. The structure of the grinding wheel is composed of a large number of unevenly distributed particles, and the inherent imbalance cannot be avoided, which will inevitably cause a certain eccentric vibration. The eccentricity of the grinding wheel installation, the uneven thickness of the grinding wheel, the imbalance of the spindle and the adsorption of the cooling liquid by the grinding wheel will increase the vibration. These vibrations not only affect the processing quality of the grinder, but also reduce the life of the spindle and the life of the grinding wheel, increase the number of grinding wheel corrections and the consumption of dressing diamonds.

grinding wheel

The application of online dynamic balance correction of grinder wheels is an important project indispensable for modern grinding processes. When the internal and external environment of the grinder is vibrating well, the residual vibration of the grinding wheel after online dynamic balance correction will be more than that of traditional manual static balance. The effect is optimized by another order of magnitude, and the peak-to-peak measurement benchmark is used for evaluation. When the static balance is 3μm, the dynamic balance can reach 0.3μm.

The advantages of online dynamic balance correction operations are integrated, and the grinding industry can obtain the following economic benefits:

  1. It can greatly improve the roundness, cylindricity and surface roughness of the workpiece to be ground;

  2. It can extend the life of the workpiece to be ground, reduce the phenomenon of grinding burns and cracks, and control its low-frequency working noise.

  3. Improve the precision, stability and batch consistency (CP value) of grinding processing.

  4. It can extend the life of traditional grinding wheel and diamond grinding wheel dressing device.

  5. It can ensure the life of the grinding machine spindle and bearing, extend the maintenance interval of the grinding machine, and reduce the maintenance cost of the grinding machine.

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