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Why use vitrified bond for grinding wheels?

Author:moao Time:2021-08-25 11:32:48

Grinding wheels are often referred to as "industrial teeth". It generally refers to a solid round object (mostly round with a through hole in the center) formed by bonding coarse abrasive compounds together, which can be used on the outer edge. Numerous hard, sharp, and temperature-resistant small abrasive grains continuously cut and remove the surface of various materials, so they have a pivotal position in industrial production.

In order to consolidate the hard abrasive particles into a certain shape, the existence of "binding agent" is essential. Its role is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

1. Shape the abrasive into an abrasive tool

Abrasives, whether they are ordinary abrasives or super-hard abrasives, are barren materials and have no molding properties themselves. They can be molded by adding bonding agents, temporary bonding agents, wetting agents, etc., and then fired, the abrasives pass through the bonding agent. The bridges are connected to obtain an abrasive tool with a certain strength and hardness.

2. Make the grinding wheel capable of grinding

The hardness of the grinding wheel is also called the degree of bonding abroad, which refers to the holding strength of the bonding agent to the abrasive. The hardness of the grinding wheel is a very important performance index of the abrasive tool, which directly affects the various performances of the grinding wheel, such as the grinding ratio, Self-sharpening, shape retention, etc.


At present, the bonding agent materials used in abrasive tools can be divided into three types: resin, metal and vitrified, each of which has its own advantages. The comparison of their performance can be seen in the following table:




Resin bond

High strength, high elasticity, impact resistance, poor robustness and heat resistance, low porosity

Suitable for rough grinding processburr, steel billet, cutting disc and some fine-grained fine grinding wheels

Metal bond

Good toughness and formability, high strength, but poor self-sharpening, short life

Various diamond and CBN abrasive tools can be manufactured

Vitrified bond

Heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, large porosity, easy to maintain contour, poor elasticity

It is widely used in various grinding methods such as outer circle, inner circle, flat surface, centerless, etc. It is the most commonly used bonding agent for abrasive tools.

  grinding wheel      grinding wheel    grinding wheel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Among them, resin bond and metal bond grinding wheels have been widely used in industrial production. Although the application amount of vitrified bond grinding wheels is not as large as that of the first two types of grinding wheels, in recent years, the industry has increasingly higher requirements for grinding precision. The combination of "vitrified bond + super-hard abrasive" with higher grinding accuracy, grinding efficiency and low grinding stress has attracted more and more attention.

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*For example, the market share of vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels has grown at a considerable rate every year.

Compared with resin grinding,  vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels have the following advantages:

(1) The grinding efficiency of vitrified grinding wheels is high.

(2) Large feeds can be used for vitrified grinding wheels. When the feed rate exceeds a certain amount, the resin grinding wheel will not be able to grind.

(3) The vitrified bond diamond abrasive tool hardly needs to be trimmed when grinding, and the resin abrasive tool needs to be trimmed once in a period of time.

(4) due to vitrified The shape retention of the grinding wheel is good, so the grinding accuracy is higher than that of the resin grinding wheel, so it has become the first choice for precision and ultra-precision machining.

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