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Segmented edge and continuous edge diamond coated band saw blades

Author:moao Time:2021-08-04 15:11:22

Segmented edge and continuous edge diamond coated band saw blades
Diamond Band Saw Blades have proven the be an effective diamond machining tools on a large variety of materials and applications. With diamonds firmly attached to ultra-thin metal body, Diamond Band Saw Blades remain the tool of choice for many diamond cutting and machining jobs. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. Manufacturing process is carefully controlled, matching your application with the right bond type, grit size, bond hardness and composition. 
Application of diamond coated band saw blades
For glass, hard graphite, high-fired graphite, ceramic, single crystal silicon ingot, synthetic quartz block and abrasive composites  
Concrete materials, carbon fibre reinforced plastic, sintered materials, semiprecious gems, tile, ceramic, porcelain, marble, virgin stone
Aircraft and Sheet Stainless Steel, Aircraft Flooring and Interiors, Aluminum Oxide, Carbon, Cast Iron
Advantages of diamond coated band saw blades
Cuts safer, with snag free action, reducing the risk of breakages
Precise, smooth, clean cuts, excellent durability and fatigue resistance
Low finishing thanks to good cutting surfaces
Minimal material loss, and longer band life.
Durable steel backing material lends exceptional flexibility, while not sacrificing strength to the band saw blade
Feature of diamond coated band saw blades
Backing material made of alloyed tempering steel
The highest quality diamond grit and continuous or segmented edge. 
High heat and abrasion resistance, can be used with a variety of applications. +86-371-8654-5906 +86 17324838957 Zhongyuan Rd, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, China


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