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China International Industry Fair

Author:moao Time:2019-09-21 11:03:12

China International Industry Fair

The China international industry expo (ciie) is the largest exhibition in China's manufacturing industry

China International Industry Fair

China International Industry Fair display products like Metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, special machine tools, numerical control systems, digital readouts, and machine tools, electrical appliances, machine tools, spare parts and auxiliary equipment, abrasives, cutting tools, fixtures, and related products, etc.
China International Industry Fair  China International Industry Fair
Exhibits range
1. CNC machine tools and metal processing exhibition
2. Industrial automation exhibition
3. Energy saving and environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition
4. Application of information and communication technology
5. New energy and electric power show
6. New energy and intelligent network auto show
7. Robot exhibition
8. Science and technology innovation exhibition
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