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What's the difference between Diamond and CBN Products

Author:moao Time:2020-02-07 15:56:03

Diamond Resin Bond Wheels and CBN Resin Bond Wheels have been developed to meet the needs of precision grinding of hard materials. Natural and synthetic diamond and CBN abrasives manufactured with our high temperature bonds, guarantee high performing wheels that will grind hard materials. Wheel sizes for most CNC machines and wheels shapes for your grinding applications. If you do not find your required wheel we can manufacture to your specific needs.


We can see the difference between Diamond and CBN Wheels from their applications.


Resin CBN wheel Resin Diamond wheel




Diamond resin bond wheels are used in grinding carbide, ceramics, alumina, quartz, plasma sprays, composites, and many other dense materials. Natural Diamonds being the first super abrasives used had limited success because of the thermal damage that would occur at 1300F. Today's Synthetic Diamonds can be Copper-coated, Nickel-coated, or UN-coated in multiple sizes and shapes.  In most applications Synthetic and Natural Diamonds should be used  with a synthetic coolant rather than dry.




CBN resin bond wheels are used in grinding Tool Steels, Hardened Alloy Steels, and Super alloys such as Inconel, Hastalloy, Waspalloy, and Rene 41. CBN is a second in hardness to Diamond and will withstand temperatures of 2500F.  CBN can be coated or uncoated, a micro or mono structure along with a variety of shapes and mesh sizes.   In most situations CBN should be used with coolant oil or water soluble oil.


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