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Machining PCD/PCBN tools with vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheel

Author:Cassie Time:2021-07-28 17:27:33

Machining PCD/PCBN tools with vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheel

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) material, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) material, diamond or CBN micro powder under high temperature and high pressure synthesis on the cemented carbide matrix, it overcomes the anisotropy characteristics of diamond and cubic boron nitride single crystal, has high hardness and high wear resistance, it is an ideal tool material, and widely used in automotive, aviation, aerospace, building materials and other fields of processing.
The rounded shape of the synthesized PCD and PCBN sheets was irregular and the surface was not smooth, it is necessary to process PCD and PCBN to make them consistent with the size of cemented carbide matrix and flat plane. The high hardness and wear resistance of PCV make the cutting tool grinding very difficult, mainly reflected in the material removal rate is small, the grinding wheel loss is large, the grinding efficiency is low, and the cutting edge is serrated. Therefore, the grinding process of PCD tool is the key process that affects its use.
Vitrified bonded grinding wheel has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high processing efficiency, good rigidity, good shape of cutting tool in the grinding process, and guaranteed dimensional accuracy of finished product. Using vitrified bonded diamond wheel to grind PCD tool can maximize the grinding efficiency. And the grinding ratio is small, high wear resistance, long service life, low processing cost, has a wide range of practical significance and promotion value.
However, due to the poor heat stability of diamond and large inertia, the preparation of vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheels is difficult, and the performance of grinding wheels between batches is not stable. More Super Hard is committed to PCD and PCBN tool grinding research for decades, has prepared a sharp and wear-resistant vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheel formula, not only can improve the efficiency, and can get good grinding effect. 
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