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Natural/single crystal diamond tools

Author:moao Time:2021-08-05 09:07:11

Natural/single crystal diamond tools 
Sing crystal diamond tools Suitable for finish machining copper, aluminum and its alloy materials, made in, jewelry, clocks, instruments and meters, LED products, acrylic products, aluminum products, aerospace, automotive and other fields are widely used, such as: motorcycle wheel, turning the camera, cell phone components highlight parts, precious metals, all kinds of hardware highlights shell, table hub, surface calendar window, pen, fishing gear, contact lenses, etc.
It has the features of low loss, long life and easy to use and can guarantee high machining precision and mirror finish.
1.single crystal milling tools 
A.Single crystal diamond side/end milling tool 
B.Muller End Mill Ball Type milling tools
C.Single-crystal diamond chamfering tools
SCD diamond chamfering tools shank: Φ 3 - Φ 20mm,
Speed: 5000-100000r/min, feed: 1500-5000mm/min
Cutting depth can up to 0.05-0.2mm
2.SCD Inserts/ND inserts/SCD tip turning tool  
A.Single crystal diamond turning tool
 SCD Inserts
SCD tipped or coated tools for internal or external machining and for use.
When machining highly polished surfaces with corresponding lathes no scratches are detectable, even at extreme magnification.
Reduces operations such as re-polishing due to roughness Rz less than 0.1 microns.

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