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Cylinder honing head, diamond honing heads


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MoreSuperhard offers a wide range of multi-stone honing tools, honing head for a variety of applications. This honing tool is also commonly referred to as a honing head, and is comprised of several diamond or CBN honing stones. It is designed for a high cutting efficiency, a high geometric accuracy and an excellent surface finish.

Applications of diamond honing head: automobiles, tractors, locomotives, ships, aviation, engineering machinery, machine tools and military industries, etc., finishing cylinder barrels, valve holes, sleeve holes, such as automobile engine block holes and cylinder sleeve holes.

We can supply a wide line of honing stones, honing heads for Sunnen, Nagel, Gehring, Nissin, Mas, Fuji and other honing machines.



Matching honing oil stone

Diamond stone: for honing of cast iron, aluminum-silicon alloy, Babbitt alloy, bronze, brass, glass, ceramics and other materials.

Cube boron carbide CBN stone: used for honing of tool steel, abrasive steel, hardened steel, high temperature alloy steel, high chromium cast iron and superhard heat resistant alloy steel.



The honing tools can be divided into 

* multi-stone honing tool with grooves for horizontal honing machines. blind-hole bores in a diameter ranging from 25.15mm to 152mm. It can be used for various brands of horizontal honing machines.

* cylindrical multi-stone honing tools for vertical honing machines.This multi-stone honing tool is suited for Hunnen, Nagel, and other brand vertical honing machines, offering a machining range of 17mm to 600mm

* cylindrical multi-stone honing tools for horizontal honing machines.This type of multi-stone honing tool is specifically designed for Sunnen and other brand name horizontal honing machines, and is ideal for honing bores in a diameter range of 17mm to 152.4mm

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