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Single Pass Diamond Honing Tools, Electroplated Diamond Reamers


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Single stroke honing (Expansion reamers) process means that the honing head slowly enters the hole of the workpiece under high speed rotation, and then slowly exits the hole at the same speed. Through the cycle of "one in", "one out", hole honing is completed. Conventional honing is done by a tool that expands and contracts as the tool reciprocates in the bore during the honing cycle. 

Single-pass honing tools: electroplated diamond honing reamer and sintered honing reamer

diamond honing reamer diamond honing reamer

Vertical single pass honing machines: Sunnen, Engis, Nagel, Belden, etc


Applications of single pass diamond and borazon CBN honing reamer

High-precision internal hole honing, such as engine injection pump, Gears, ABS, brake cylinder, supercharger, rocker arms, connecting rod, fork, hydraulic valve body, valve sleeve, air bearing, precision gear, die guide sleeve, air conditioner compressor main and auxiliary bearings, refrigerator compressor shaft hole (cylinder hole), piston, measurement ring gauge and others.

In recent years, single-stroke honing technology has been adopted in automobile, tractor, power machinery, construction machinery, refrigeration machinery and aerospace industry.

diamond honing reamer

diamond honing reamer

The honing reamer is equipped with reasonable joints, tools and machine tools, which can achieve the ultra-high precision of the inner hole: Cylindricity: ≤1 μm, Roundness: ≤ 1 μm, Roughness: ≤Ra0.1, Tolerance: ≤1μm

The reamers are electrodeposited abrasive grain reamers with the electrodeposition of diamonds or borazon CBN materials. Single-Pass is possible due to of the extremely high material extraction rates of diamond and CBN materials used as abrasive grains.

                                                                               Abrasive Grains

diamond honing reamer diamond honing reamer

Case 1. Precision honing hydraulic motor

Application: Hydraulic Motor

Material: cast iron

Bore Length:98.43mm

Bore Diameter: 44.468mm

Stock Removal: 0.127mm

Surface Finish: 0.35μm

Size control: 0.0025mm

Roundness: 0.0018mm

Case 2. Gear bore precision finishing



Material:Alloy Steel


Stock Removal:0.05mm

Diamond Size:20/30

Bore Quality


Cylindricity: 0.004mm

Surface Finish:0.4/0.6Ra

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