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Dental Diamond Burs for Precision Drilling & Polishing


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More Superhard dental diamond burs are used for precise drilling and polishing of critical ceramic parts on high speed handpiece. Dental diamond burs are used in dental surgeries, such as Preparation of cavities and crowns ,hard tooth tissues, old filling removals and fillings processing and polishing, etc


* Lowers cracking and chipping risks in critical ceramics zones

* Ideal depth for gingival cut ,shape perfect for gingival margin

* Minimizes clogging and provides cooler material removal

* High efficiency, No vibrations and Low heat build up

*Very good diamond retention ,Long life length

* Diamond burs cleaner cut and the higher polish than carbide burs.

* The maximum allowable speed to 400,000/min.

* Stalk who used high-grade stainless steel, high strength, no rusty.

* Convenient and health in use , performance ratio.

The Grit Size of Dental Diamond Burrs:

Super coarse 151 - 213μm coarse pre-grinding
Coarse 107 - 181μm pre- grinding
Medium 64 - 126μm universal grinding
Fine 27 - 76μm smoothing
Extra fine 10 - 36μm prefinishing of composites

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