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Diamond Scribing Wheel, Glass Cutting Tools


Product Details

Diamond Scribing wheel is used for cutting glass, such as such as LCD panels and substrates, Cover glass, touch screen, auto glass, optical glass, medical glass etc

High quality PCD, high hardness, stable quality 

Long service life

Strong penetration, good edge cutting effect

Diamond Scribing wheel  is made of artificial diamond microcrystals sintered under high temperature and high pressure, and then fine processing, with excellent shape and position accuracy. Its wear resistance, edge sharpness, long service life is alloy cutter wheel can not be replaced.  Diamond Scribing wheel  is a kind of wheel round blade, blade of cylindrical are two conical surface, two external circular conical surface in round knife intersection into a sharp ridge, the ridge is the cutting edge of the glass, diamond cutter wheel can be used in the LCD panel and the base plate, plate glass, glass, touch screen amoled panel such as the Internet and Internet of things intelligent terminal parts of cutting,  It can also be used for cutting auto glass, optical or decorative glass, medical glass and other products.  

Moresuperhard diamond scribing wheel  is made of PCD, it has high hardness, stable quality, long life,  strong penetration, good edge cutting effect. Diamond scribing wheel can be used for ultra-thin glass, V type, U type and T type diamond scribing wheel with teeth can be automatically split.  



TAG:  Diamond Scribing Wheel, Diamond Scribing Wheel

Compared with the conventional high penetration scribing wheel, the micro-tooth diamond scribing wheel has a finer edge and smaller tooth profile. The number of teeth can reach 4-360 teeth, tooth depth tolerance can reach ±0.5μm. When cutting glass, the slit is narrower and the damage on both sides of the cutting score is minimal. Suitable for cutting 0.15mm-0.5mm ultra-thin glass, such as TFT panels that need to be tested under pressure. The diamond scribing wheel has strong slippage resistance to avoid slippage in glass cutting. In order to ensure ultra-high quality cutting lines and sections, but also to ensure the continuity and uniformity of glass cutting. High hardness, stable quality, long life, strong penetration, good edge cutting effect, usually for ultra-thin glass, V type, U type and T type diamond scribing wheel with teeth can be automatically split.

LCD  screen cuttingcutting

Advantages of diamond glass scribing wheel

* Sharpness: full cutting edge of diamond scribing wheel on glass, sharper and easier to cut into glass.

* Glass damage: minimal damage to glass, no radioactive crack, fine shear mark, high cutting quality, high consistency.

* Dust control: Excellent control of glass chips, can greatly reduce the line scratch caused by glass chips and polarizer loss.

* Cutting control: It can realize the control of cutting depth and splitting time, and improve the corner Angle (especially obvious in the strengthened glass);

* Stability: Can realize automatic chip discharge, no blockage, greatly improve the cutting stability:

* Strength:  Greatly improve the strength of cutting products, for the thickness of less than 0.2mm glass strength advantage is more prominent

* Pressure, life: Can reduce about 20%-40% cutting pressure, greatly improve the service life of the diamond scribing wheel (under the same conditions, it is generally 2-3 times the life of other scribing wheel).


TAG:  Diamond Scribing Wheel, Diamond Scribing Wheel

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