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Diamond and CBN tools for medical industry


Product Details

Medical parts for processing:

Surgical tools

Dental equipment

Surgical instrument motors

Artifical joint(Knee prostheses,Hip prostheses, femoral stem)

Hip broach, Bone drill

Provide: Vitrified CBN grinding wheel, resin diamond grinding wheel, coating belt,etc

Moresuperhard can provide diamond /CBN tools for grinding, cutting and polishing in the medical industry, has been successful in the medical technology market for many years, especially hip and knee joints, trauma implants, surgical instruments and other devices or hypodermic needles for processing medical devices.

Moresuperhard offer grinding wheels specially formulated for grinding stainless steel, steel, Nitinol and cobalt-chromium alloys, so our grinding solutions can help you remove burrs from medical instruments ranging from syringes and dental equipment to cutting and hollow tools used in surgery. For prosthetic manufacturers, our grinding and polishing systems are widely used in orthopedics such as metal knee joints, ceramic and metal hip joints, and trauma implants.

Applications of diamond and CBN tools for medical industry:  

* Surgical tools

* Dental equipment

* Surgical instrument motors

* Artifical joint(Knee prostheses,Hip prostheses, femoral stem)

* Hip broach

* Bone drill

Orthopedic implants

Moresuperhard offers a complete product line for all aspects of hip and knee replacement.

Orthopaedic implant is a medical device designed to replace a bone, joint, or cartilage due to damage or deformity, are used to replace joints that have been damaged or lost function, so as to relieve symptoms and improve function.

Artificial joint heads, including hip, knee and shoulder joints, are an alternative to joint injuries caused by arthritis and other causes. It is a man-made model composed mainly of special metals such as titanium, cobalt and chromium alloys, and special materials such as ceramics and polymer polyethylene.

Artificial hip joint, knee joint grinding

- High purity ceramics have stable chemical properties, good biocompatibility, biological inertness, high hardness, good wear resistance, and lower wear rate than other materials. Ceramic material with high strength and durability is one of the ideal artificial joint materials.

- High purity titanium metal has low density, high strength, easy machining and forming, and good corrosion resistance. Titanium alloy has better histocompatibility with human body, and is closer to the elastic modulus of human bone tissue. Titanium oxide film can be generated on the surface, corrosion resistance, low density, and reliable binding with human bone tissue. It is considered as one of the most promising materials for bone and joint prosthesis.

Grinding wheel for artificial hip joint, knee joint 

Vitrified diamond /CBN grinding wheel is used for processing artificial hip joint, knee joint grinding.

Generally, vitrified diamond wheel is used to grind the vitrified sphere, and vitrified CBN wheel is used to grind the titanium sphere.

Matching grinders : Haas, Anca, Schutte, Haas, Hermle, Makino

Advantages of vitrified diamond grinding wheel:
- High grinding efficiency, good polishing effect, grinding resistance, workpiece deformation is not easy, workpiece surface quality is high.
- Grinding wheels can be grinded at constant speed to achieve mirror finish and consistent parts size tolerances.
- Imported resin diamond wheel has been used in grinding vitrified artificial joints, but there are some problems in the grinding process, such as workpiece burn, grinding immobility, poor surface accuracy and so on.
- Developed specifically for polishing metal heads of hip joints and femurs
- The grinding wheel can achieve very high surface quality. After subsequent finishing, extremely high product surface quality accuracy with surface roughness below 0.05µm can be produced starting from the casting blank.

Grinding wheel for polishing hip joint and femoral stem

The grinding wheel made by casting method, a kind of forming process, natural settlement and sintering, suitable for vitrified grinding wheel.

Hip joint ball grinding wheel


Vitrified CBN grinding wheel for knee grinding

Moresuperhard can provide rough, semi-finish and finish grinding solution for knee implant grinding, vitrified CBN grinding wheel is ideal choice for precision grinding knee implant.



 Grinding hip broach



Polishing artifical joint

Sanding belt is widely used in polishing and grinding process, which can be used to polish artificial joints and medical instruments and other products to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. The flexible backbase of the sand belt can provide a consistent, predictable surface effect. Use with hard metal, nickel base alloy, titanium alloy and other polishing.



Surgical instruments grinding and polishing 

Moresuperhard provides rough grinding, semi-fine grinding and polishing services for surgical instruments, have a variety of high-performance grinding wheels for grinding and polishing scalpel cutting tools .

Moresuperhard grinding wheels ensure the highest surface quality during finishing to make clean cuts and minimize scarring after surgery. The services involved are the grinding of forceps, scissors and scalpels, as well as the grinding of bone files for medical reamer drills.




Dental diamond burrs are used for precision drilling and polishing of ceramic components. Dental diamond wheels are used in dental procedures, such as caries and crowns, preparation of hard tooth tissue, removal of old fillings and treatment and polishing of fillings.


 Syringe needle

Used for precision grinding of small diameter tube and hypodermic needle.

Needle grinding wheels for the medical device

Application of needle grinding wheel:

1. Medical industry grinding and pointing of hypodermic needles, bloodLancets, infusion Sets, dental needles etc.

2. Standard and Non Standard Cannulae Grinding.

Bone drill grinding 

Moresuperhard can provide 1A1 and 11V9 resin CBN grinding wheel for bone drill, cold chisels and thread pins grinding. 

Match grinding machine: Rollomatic, Anca, Walter, Schütte, Haas(Wet grinding with oil and emulsion). 


Custom wire grinding

Guidewires are thin and flexible wires,  an essential component of various diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures for vascular therapy, which used to direct a larger instrument such as a catheter into a specific vessel during coronary, peripheral, and neurovascular procedures. 

Centerless grinding menthod is the ideal grinding method for guideline produce. Centerless grinding machine utilizes a grinding wheel and a control wheel. The control wheel rotates the work piece as the grinding wheel cuts into it. The part is not held by centers, hence the term centerless. This process insures excellent roundness and diameter control and can be automated to produce wires at an even higher rate. 

Centerless grinding. Typical ground wire types include core, mandrel, and guide wire. The centerless grinding taper allows for optimal stiffness and flexibility of the surgical line over the entire length of the medical device. Grinding long taper, short taper and step to meet your medical equipment needs. We can create taper at any Angle and maintain very tight tolerances throughout the contour.





Specification of syringe needle grinding wheel

Standard Wheel Sizes

  450x 40X 203.2mm

405X125 X 127mm

455X 40X127mm

455 x 80 x 127mm

Grit Sizes


* GC6oo to GC1200


 Resin Bonds



Thin wall ( less than 0.15mm)

Normal (0.15 to o.7omm)

Large (over 0.80mm)


Specification of resin CBN grinding wheel



Thread pins grinding

1A1  100D*6T*20H*6W*6X

1A1  100D*10T*20H*10W*6X


Cold chisels

Bone drill grinding

11V9  75D*30T*20H*2W*10X

11V9  100D*35T*20H*2W*10X

11V9  125D*40T*20H*2W*10X



orthopedic implant

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