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Diamond grinding wheel for PCB PCD v-cutter


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During the manufacture process of PCB, it usually needs to scoring line in a "V" shape between the two single boards , which provide convenience for breaking and separating after soldering.

PCD V-cut cutter for PCB is welded from blade matrix and cutter head, the matrix is generally made of alloy steel, the cutter head is PCD, the cutter head after precision grinding rake angle, clearance, edge and a series of processing, often used in circuit board cutting industry. PCD V-CUT has super hardness and Wear-resistance, PCD v-cut can cut PCB with high quality and has the long life. Using PCD v-cut can save the time of changing and re-sharping, reducing the cost, enhancing the working efficiency. PCD v-cut are the best choice for automatic V-CUT machine.



Application of PCD v-cut saw blade

With the development of PCB electronic industry, the market demand for V-cut blade is increasing, PCD v-cutter used for PCB v groove cutting. Because of excellent performance, V-cut blade has become a cutting tool in modern industrial production and processing. V-cut blade has the features of no burr,durable teeth , sharp side edge and long life. After grinding, the PCB (circuit board) has high surface finish.

PCD v-cut saw blade(PCD V groove cutter) can be used to cut double-sided copper-clad PCB boards, all kinds of glass fiber FR2 boards, glass fiber FR4 boards, copper-clad boards, aluminum substrates, copper substrates, high TG boards, halogen free boards, iron substrates, CEM1, CEM3 material boards. PCD v-cut is also suitable for v-slot machining of PCB of other industries.

Moresuperhard vitrified diamond grinding wheel can  high efficiency grinding PCD v-cut cutter, the  good surface finish and high precision of PCB can be achieved after grinding.


Features of Moresuperhard vitrified diamond grinding wheel for PCD v-cut cutter:

The multi-porosity structure makes the dull diamond easier to fall off, reduces grinding resistance, prevents vertical stripes on the workpiece and improves surface finishing quality
- Perfect dimensional tolerance control, suitable for CNC and manual tool grinder
- Good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency, high wear resistance, less abrasive consumption

- The use of ceramic bond can make the PCD/CBN tool achieve good surface finish and avoid edge breakage, thus reducing the scrap rate and improving the grinding accuracy of PCD/CBN tool

- The service life of the vitrified diamond grinding wheel is several times that of the resin diamond grinding wheel and the online dressing can be easily realized


How to grind V-cut blade?

MoreSuperhard can provide high quality vitrified diamond grinding wheel for coarse and fine grinding of V-cut cutter for PCB grooving cutting , woodworking saw blade and other PCD tools.

Vitrified diamond grinding wheel has better mechanical strength, long service life, fast cutting speed, good heat resistance, sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, not easy to accumulate heat in the grinding process, not easy to produce blockage. Vitrified diamond grinding wheel perfectly solves the problems of low efficiency, poor quality of cutting edge and debris in the process of processing circuit board, which leads to burr problems in finished products and reduces costs for customers.

Under normal wear conditions, the V-Cut tool must be ground 0.25mm to 0.35mm at a time,, the diameter is reduced by 0.5mm to 0.7mm. A new PCD v-cut cutter in the wear and gap is not greater than 0.35mm, usually need to grinding 5 times.

Parameters of vitrified diamond grinding wheel





Shape of grinding wheel

Cup, flat, bowl, dish

Grit for selection

 W1.5, W3.5, W5, W7, W10, W14,  W20, W28, W40

Customize according to your requirements




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