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Engine vlave CBN grinding wheel


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Engine Valve Grinding Wheel

The Valve is responsible for the input of fuel into the engine and exhaust gas. The valve is an important part of the car. The grinding part is the clamping groove of the air lock and the lug line. The quality of the valve plays a vital role in ensuring the efficiency of the engine. In order to ensure the processing accuracy of the valve, the outer diameter of the valve, the cone surface, the umbrella, the large end face and other surfaces are to be completed by grinding.

Grinding is a major element in the engine valve machining chain, and is therefore largely responsible for component quality. The grinding wheels are used to process engine valves (inlet valves and exhasut valves) in cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other engine valves.

Valve is made of valve head, valve seat and valve stem three parts. The valve head is the entire lower area of the valve, with the valve face and inner rounded corners. The force produced by combustion pressure is applied here.     

The main parts of valve grinding include:
► Valve cut off grinding
► Valve shaft centerless grinding 
► Valve head & seat grinding
► Valve groove & tip raduis grinding
► Valve stem end grinding
► Valve seat grinding

Valve base cutting

Using profile CBN high speed  grinding wheel to cut the stem of engine valve in order to control the total length of engine valve. Metal CBN grinding wheel havev high material  removal, good shape retention, is the ideal tool for cutting valve base. Using Moresuperhard metal CBN grinding wheel to achieve profile accuracy.

Valve  Disc end face grinding

Metal CBN grinding wheel with fine  grit is suitable for finish grinding the end face of vlave disc.

Valve keeper groove grinding

Many varieties of valves (including the valve with asymmetric groove shape of the keeper groove) contain the keeper groove in the quenching area of the rod end. Considering the stress effect of hot processing on the keeper groove, the keeper groove shape is often processed by forming the keeper groove grinding after quenching. Therefore, it is an effective way to ensure the machining accuracy of the air lock groove by using the forming grinding method of the valve keeper groove.     

CBN grinding wheel has the characteristics of high sharpness and wear resistance, high hardness and large grinding ratio. Engine valve grinding processes include external grinding, valve disc seat grinding, chamfering grinding, arc grinding and other parts. Groove profiles using Moresuperhard Electroplated CBN grinding wheel, valve keeper groove profiles can be formed precisely with accuracy down to the micrometre. 


Valve seat grinding

* For pre-grind valve seat:

Using  Moresuperhard electroplated CBN grinding wheel . 

* Fine grinding :

Vitrified CBN  grinding wheel has good cutting performance, good thermal stability and chemical stability, good self-sharpeness, using Moresuperhard vitrified CBN diamond grinding wheel can achieve high precision valve seat. Regular dressing can guarantees constant component quality of valve seat.

How to grind valve ?


Grinding method

Valve stem

Centerless grinding

Valve head/seat/ keeper groove

External cylindrical grinding

Valve disc end face

Side grinding

Valve base


The Cases of Engine Valve Grinding

1. Grinding of valve head: (valve material: high nickel material)

Product name Rough grinding head (external circle + cone) 60° grinding wheel
Specifications 510D-30T-203.2H-60°
Binding agent Electroplated 
Weight 20-25Kg
Dynamic balance ≤0.5g
Installation requirements Radial runout&end runout  ≤0.003mm
Margin φ0.5-1mm
Material Nickel 30(High-nickel)
Working accuracy Rz≤10μm
Other requirement No scratches, burns, vibration marks and other defects on the surface
Machining effect
Processing life 100-120 thousand Pcs
Roughness Rz≈5μm
Processing time 10s
Stability Batch processing size is stable, no need to debug

2. Grinding of valve lock groove: (valve material: martensite/austenite)


Products name Locking groove grinding wheel
Specifications 400D*24T*160H
Binding agent Electroplated
Weight 16-20kg
Dynamic balance ≤0.5g
Installation requirements Radial runout&end runout  ≤0.003mm
Margin φ1.2mm
Material Martensitic heat resistant steel
Working accuracy Ra≤0.8μm
Other requirement The grinding surface has the same texture, no chatter marks, burns, and no burrs.
Machining effect
Processing life 120-150 thousand Pcs
Roughness Ra≤0.8μm
Processing time 7~8s
Stability Batch processing size is stable, no need to debug





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