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Forming diamond dresser


Product Details

Dressing specific forms into conventional abrasive wheels

Two types of forming diamond dressers: chisel type and cone type

Diamond Angle: 40-75 °

Diamond radian: R0.05-R0.5

Applicable grinding machine: CNC cylindrical grinding machine, centerless grinding machine,etc...

Grinding accuracy: fine grinding within Ra0.4

Diamond avaliable: MCD, CVD, PCD

Moresuperhard selects natural diamond and processes diamond into suitable angles and radians through professional cutting, grinding and grinding processes. Moresuperhard is widely used in shaping and dressing of grinding wheels of various CNC cylindrical grinding machines and centerless grinding machines.

Forming diamond dresser is to dress form grinding wheel of grinding machines for angular grinding, diamond form grinding,stepping cylindrical grinding, thread grinding and etc. Can match different CNC grinding machine, centerless grinding machine, gear grinding machine, and can customize according to your requirements. 




Application of forming diamond dresser

* Dressing specific forms conventional abrasive wheels(formingarc, angle, groove radius and other complex profiles) .

* For precision grinding machine(angle, curvature, cylindrical, groove, stepping, thread grinding).
* Precision forming for aviation, bearings, crankshafts, piston rings, electronics, instruments
* Trimming of high-precision grinding wheels such as watches.


Match grinding machine

Forming diamond dresser mainly used for dressing different shaped grinding wheels of various ordinary CNC cylindrical end face grinding machines, crankshaft grinding machines and gear grinding machines.




Features of wedge-shaped diamond dresser:

1. Dressing all kinds of forming grinding wheel arc surface, avoid diamond dressing grinding wheel arc surface edge, wedge diamond Angle has V (40 degrees, 55 degrees, 60 degrees, 70 degrees, etc.). The top width of the diamond is A (about 1.5 to 3.5mm).

2. High quality natural diamond forming dressers(tip angle and radius are ground with high precision grinding after fix crystal direction ).

3. The diamond angle is sharp and wear-resistant, ensuring that the surface roughness of the workpiece processed by the grinding wheel is within Ra0.4.

4. Wedge-shaped diamond sharpening surface can be refurbished after 1mm2 wear, so as to reduce the cost and be economical.

5. Wedge-shaped diamond is treated with negative Angle to strengthen the edge strength of diamond.

Working points

Top Angle and two edges

Outside diameter range of dressing grinding wheel


Thickness range of dressing wheel


Suitable grinding wheel size grit


Suitable for grinding wheel

Corundum/ silicon carbide grinding wheel

Suitable grinder 

End face /cylindrical grinder, CNC crankshaft grinder, gear grinding machine

Single dressing feed


Single dressing feed

Ra0.8-0.1 μm

Suitable grinding mode

Fine grinding

Grinding wheel linear velocity

35m /s-75m/s

Applicable industry

Auto parts processing, mold manufacturing, gear manufacturing processing

Cone type forming diamond dresser:      

Width of diamond


Height of diamond(B)


 Angle of diamond(V)


Radius of diamond(R)







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