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High Precision Electroplated Diamond and CBN Wheels, Plated Wheels


Product Details

More superhard provides complete and comprehensivestrip and re-plate and reconditioning service. We can assist you in engineering electroplated diamond and cbn wheels for your diverse use.

Plated diamond and cbn grinding wheels for precision grinding, slot grinding, contouring, scoring, facing and internal or external grinding.


Applications of electroplated diamond and cbn grinding wheels

- Machining industry: crankshafts, bearings, hydraulic values and etc.

- Electroplated diamond mounted points for dressing the dies made of tungsten carbide and hardened steel.

- Electrical & electronics industry: Electroplated diamond internal and external grinding wheel is the best tool for cutting hard and brittle materials such as a semiconductor.

- Optical glass industry,Touchscreen Processing: Drilling and chamfering for the glass panel of the smart phone and tablet computer.

- Jig grinding: Mostly used in fined ceramics processing and precision grinding for quartz.

- Grinding for Cutting tools: Normal end-mill grinder and drill grinder go with electroplated wheel. 

Diamond -

* Carbide (grinding green and sintered tungsten carbide)
* Ceramic (grinding ceramics like SIC, AJO,ZrO, etc)
* Automotive (brake liners and cutting re-enforced rubber mouldings)
* Pharmaceutical (grinding factitious knee joint)
* Dental (profiling rubber bonded grinding pins)
* Ferrite (grinding magnetic parts)
* Chemical (grinding laboratory glass)
* Graphite (grinding graphite parts)
* Glass (grinding tubes, automotive components)
* Fiberglass ,Plastics and Electronic components,etc



* High-speed tool steels
* Die steel
* Hardened carbon steels
* Hardened stainless steels
* Alloy steels,Titanium Alloy
* Aerospace alloys
* Abrasion resistant ferrous materials,etc

Advantages of electroplated diamond cbn wheel

- No wheels dressing, Body can be re-plated several times
- High geometric and proportion precision,Complicated forming
- Retain their original shape and dimensions throughout their working life
- Simple electroplated process, less investment convenient manufacturing
- Excellent surface roughness, high grinding efficiency , long tool life
- Cause very little change on wheel shape after used, suitable for precision grinding



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