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The vitrified diamond grinding wheel used in thermal spraying coating


Product Details

  The First Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel used in thermal spraying coating in MoreSuperHard

  Vitrified bond and Resin bond, Vitrified bond has longer lifespan and higher efficiency than resin bond

  Used for cylindrical grinding of tungsten carbide coating in thermal spraying industry

  Models: 1A1(Diameter: 100mm-1200mm), 14A1

TAG:   vitrified diamond grinding wheel vitrified bond thermal spraying coating resin bond


* For tungsten carbide workpieces

* Steel based tungsten carbide coating workpiece

* Non-metallic materials semi-finishing grinding and finishing grinding, etc.

After constant adjustment of formula and technology

We finally successfully developed the first Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel for thermal spraying coating industry



* The bonding strength of vitrified bond to grinding is better than resin bond

* After customized diamond grinding tools with higher diamond concentration, it is less heat and jam generate in grinding

* High grinding efficiency

* Very sharp grinding

* Long lifespan and easy to dress


In terms of the shaping and dressing of the abrasive tools, it is relatively easy to operate (by using diamond dressing tools, to improve work efficiency and save the time of disassembly of the grinding wheel).

It is generally used for semi-finishing grinding, finishing grinding, and forming grinding with large contact surface, etc.

Therefore, vitrified bond is a kind of bond that is increasingly widely used until now.


Resin Bond Grinding Wheel is also mainly used in thermal spraying coating process


* Excellent elasticity and polishing effect

* After forming the abrasive tools, it has good self-sharpening

* Less jam and dress, with highly grinding efficiency

* High finishing of work piece

* Low grinding temperature

TAG:   vitrified diamond grinding wheel vitrified bond thermal spraying coating resin bond

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