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Vitrified Diamond cBN Double Disc Wheels


Product Details

Vitrified Diamond cBN Double Disc Wheels is made of grinding disc matrix and super hard diamond grinding pellets by epoxy resin adhesive, and can be made into various shapes such as

Regular hexagon, sector, square ,circular, trigonometrical, hexagonal pellets (other shapes can be customized).


Applications of vitrified diamond cbn double disc grinding wheels

Diamond/CBN double disc grinding wheels are widely used for grinding the surface, suitable for steel, cast iron, copper, carbide,PCD/PCBN inserts, hard alloy, ceramics, monocrystalline silicon and other processing.

Diamond/CBN double disc can be widely used in hydraulic pneumatic components, hydraulic motor parts, automobile fuel pump parts, refrigeration compressor parts, oil pump oil. 


Applicable double disc lapping machines: Wendt WBM, Viotoo, AMT, Stahli, Peter Wolters, Diskus, Agathon T&B, Fujisanki, Supfina, Melchiorre, Koyo, Lam Plan, Speedfam, Kemet, Gardner and other DDG machines.


Moresuperhard can also provide matching dressing grinding wheel of DDG wheel
According to the different particle size, accuracy of the diamond and CBN double disc grinding wheels to choose the dressing wheel, making dressing easier and more time saving. Mostly we use are silicon carbide(GC) dressing wheel while diameter is 205mm, grit 180#.



The specifications of vitrified diamond cbn double disc wheels




D: 300mm - 1500mm

W(Abrasive layer width): 40mm - 350mm

X( Abrasive layer height): 3mm -10mm

Roughness 0.1um-1.2um,



Roughness: Ra0.02μm-Ra0.2μm
Durability: grinding HSS slide (25mm*25mm),

The number of workpiece >= 1million
Grinding carbide blade, the number of workpiece >= 1million


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