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Diamond/CBN Clearance Angle Grinding Wheel for Milling tool


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By grinding clearance angles and tool flanks on a tool cutter, you reduce the contact area between the tool and the workpiece later on during the drilling or milling process.The clearance angles on the face and circumferential surface of a tool are referred to as the axial and radial clearance angles. These clearance angles provide the tool with a free-cutting property and simultaneously reduce the feed forces when drilling and milling.

Specially for grinding Carbides and steels; Including Drills/End mills/Reamers /Micro drills/Mini end mills/Burrs.


1.  High wheel shape retention

2. High stock removal

3. Superior surface quality

4. Fast cutting speed

Recommend Wheel

Wheel Bond Material
Resin Bond:  For small stock removal and provides perfect finishing when sharpening carbide tools. Widely used for fresh tool manufacturing and re-sharpening process in Milling & Drilling operations.
Hybrid bond: For large stock removal and high feed speed, low machine power;
Available on CNC Tool and cnc grinding wheels for both tooling manufacture and tooling re-sharpening;

Drawing & Specification:

Grinding Mode












Clearance Angle Grinding




6A9 Diamond/CBN

 6A9 diamond grinding wheel




11V9 Diamond/CBN

11V9 diamond grinding wheel




12V9 Diamond/CBN

12V9 diamond grinding wheel


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