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Resin bond Diamond Wheel for Grinding Carbide Groove


Product Details

14A3 special shape diamond grinding wheel has 2 side face diamond working layer

355D * 25.4T * 127H * 10W * 3X Diamond surface grinding wheel

With higher efficiency to grind carbide coating grooves

resin bond diamond face grinding wheel

14A3 Resin bond diamond grinding wheel (355D * 25.4T * 127H * 10W * 3X ) is used for grinding carbide coating grooves.

Thermal Spraying Coating Industrial will be using many kinds of diamond grinding wheel, like Cylindrical Diamond Grinding wheel, Internal Diamond wheel, usually they are 1A1 Shape grinding wheels are very popular

More Superhard special shape diamond grinding wheel 14A3, have 2 sided face diamond working layer, have higher efficiency, to grind grooves.

 resin bond diamond grinding wheel for carbide grinding

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